NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 18, 2009

Start of Classes Signals Return of Limited Cell Phone Use in School Zones
from Dallas Morning News
Dallas officials and students are reminding drivers to restrict their cell phone use in school zones or face a hefty fine when classes begin Aug. 24.More

Cell Phone Laws Might Face Static
from The Washington Post
Distracted driving is becoming a cause celebre, with more states banning texting and some legislators pondering whether to bar cell phone use by drivers outright.More

Some N.C. Schools Rehire Most Who Had Been Let Go
from The News and Observer
The Wake County school system in North Carolina has rehired many of the nearly 1,500 employees who were let go this summer but school leaders said they're still coping with significant state funding cuts. More

Advocates Train to Help Families with Special-needs Children
from Tennessean
A project started by a Vanderbilt University student in Nashville, Tenn., is training volunteers to advocate for children with special needs when problems with the children's education get to be more than their parents can handle.More

Disaster Plans Leave Disabled Behind
from The Washington Times
Four years after Hurricane Katrina exposed major deficiencies in the capacity of governments to evacuate and care for the disabled during a natural disaster, America's most vulnerable citizens are barely considered in most emergency plans.More

Where School's Open, Kids are No-shows
from Cincinnati
The three Cincinnati schools that opened Aug. 4 - two weeks early - as part of a major effort to turn around years of failure encountered a basic problem in their first week - in order for the experiment to work, students have to show up.More

Virginia Schools Air CDC's Strategy for Swine Flu's Return
from The Washington Post
The expected resurgence of swine flu this fall could lead some public schools to become mass inoculation clinics. Infected students could be forced to wear surgical masks and put in isolation rooms before being sent home.More

Intelligent Transport: How Cities Can Improve Mobility
from IBM
Cities around the world face common transport challenges from increasing congestion, safety concerns and aging infrastructure to a lack of funding and increasing environmental impacts.More

Innovative Wheelchair Could Aid Disabled
from Sunderland Echo
The Smartchair, a concept wheelchair that can transform into a lifting platform or a stretcher without becoming unstable, may be closer to coming onto the market.More

Bluth and Eisman Create Grant to Pay for Student Field Trip
from NAPT
The National Association for Pupil Transportation is pleased to announce that its President-elect, Dr. Linda Bluth, and her partner Betsy Eisman have endowed an annual grant that will enable NAPT members to help bring learning to life for students in their community and enhance classroom studies in their school system.More

Scholarship for Driver Trainers Created
from NAPT
The National Association for Pupil Transportation is pleased to announce that Peter Lawrence, director of transportation for the Fairport, N.Y. Public Schools, and his wife Linda, have created a scholarship that will help three school bus driver trainers attend an industry training event this year.More

Zonar Doubles New Driver Training Scholarships and Field Trip Grant
from NAPT
The National Association for Pupil Transportation is pleased to announce that Zonar Systems has volunteered to double the recently announced Peter and Linda Lawrence Training Scholarship and the Bluth-Eisman Field Trip Grant.More

NCST Activities on Track for 2010
from NAPT
The appointment of state delegation chairpersons to the 15-NCST is underway, according to Pete Baxter, general conference chair. Letters were mailed last month to each chief state school officer asking them to select a chairperson for their state.More