NAPT MultiView News Brief
Oct. 6, 2009

LaHood Announces Efforts to Combat Distracted Driving
from Government Technology News
At the conclusion of a two-day summit on distracted driving in Washington, D.C., U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a series of actions the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation are taking to help put an end to distracted driving, especially school buses.More

Improved Planning for Public Alert and Warning System
from U.S. Government Accountability Office
As the primary national-level public warning system, Emergency Alert System (EAS) is an important alert tool, but it exhibits longstanding weaknesses that limit its effectiveness. Federal Emergency Management Agency has projects under way to address some of these weaknesses with EAS. However, to date, little progress has been made since the Government Accountability Office's previous review in March 2007.More

After Student Slain, Kids List the Perils of Walking to School
from The Chicago Tribune
The leisurely walk to school - once a tradition in American education - took on an air of fear and anxiety as some Fenger High School students in Chicago returned to campus for the first time since a classmate was beaten to death during a vicious melee near the school.More

Massachusetts to Hold Transportation Conference, Developers Challenge
from Mass High Tech
Bay State officials in Massachusetts are looking for help to bring the public transportation sector into the digital world, with the announcement of a new conference and a coding challenge. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation is launching the 2009 EOT Developers Challenge, which will encourage developers to create both applications and data visualizations about transportation on the MBTA.More

What Does It Take to Get Texting Off Roads?
from The Washington Post
If Americans fell in love with their cars in the 20th century, their love affair in the 21st is with the cellphone. There are 136 million cars on the road and 270 million cellphones. The two are not mixing well.More

Ridgefield School Board Members Join Critics of Bus Route Problems
from Danbury News Times
The public anger over the fouled school bus routes in a Connecticut town left school board members just as exasperated as they demanded more accountability from the district's administrators. The school district voted earlier this year to reduce the number of buses the town, but the results have been a string of snafus.More

Parents Filing Most Bullying Reports Under New Online System
from Tampa Bay Onlne
The first complaint came at the end of the first day of school. A boy at Randall Middle School in Lithia, Florida said he was struck on the head by another student as they rode the bus home. His mother reported the incident to Hillsborough County schools officials using the district's new anonymous online system.More

School Bus Radio Program Plays Its Last Tune
from U.S. News & World Report
BusRadio, a controversial radio programming system for school buses that was investigated during the summer by the Federal Communications Commission, is ceasing operations. According to a report released by School Transportation News, the economy is largely responsible for the closure of the four-year-old media company, which broadcast music, contests, public service announcements, and commercials to approximately 10,000 school buses and 1 million students in 24 states.More

Sudden-Acceleration Cause Proves Divisive
from The Union Tribune
Runaway-car incidents happen often enough that they have their own acronym in vehicle-safety circles: SUA. It stands for “sudden, unintended acceleration,” a clinical phrase that's descriptive enough to hint at the terror that comes when a car speeds up seemingly all on its own.More

Stimulus Fund Technology for Poor, Special Needs Students
from The Dallas Morning News
Federal economic stimulus money will shower interactive white boards to some school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The district plans to spend 40 percent of the expected more than $13 million in stimulus funds on technology. Most districts expect to get two pots of federal money. Under federal regulations, one will go to Title I schools, those with a high percentage of poor students. The other will go to special needs students.More

Schools Pool Resources to Meet Costs of Teacher Development
from Southeast Missourian
The Southeast Missouri State University Regional Professional Development Center has been evaluating how it provides services to teachers across the region despite budget cuts and reduced personnel. The center offers continuing education for teachers in 90 school districts in Southeast Missouri. This year's state budget allocated about $6.5 million toward the operation of Southeast's center and 10 other centers across the state.More

NTSB Offers Three-Day Course For Emergency Responders

"Transportation Disaster Response" November 17-19, 2009 NTSB Training Center, Ashburn, VA Whether you are involved in local, county, state or federal emergency response, this course is designed for you. Members of the NTSB, FBI, New Jersey State Police and other organization representatives will discuss the many challenges - operational and organizational - that emergency responders confront. Learn about communicating with the media, local communities & families of victims, terrorism incidents, events involving hazardous materials, collection of forensics, and the long-term repercussions facing disaster-affected communities. For more information, visitMore