NAPT MultiView News Brief
Dec. 6, 2011

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These National School Bus Safety Week Poster calendars will make your holiday shopping a little easier this year. Now everyone can stay organized and enjoy award-winning student artwork from across the country. This colorful, easy-to-write-on calendar features state and national conference dates so you can keep track of important industry events. Office mates and relatives alike are sure to appreciate the safety messages and enjoy the talent exhibited in this calendar. (Dimension — closed: 10.5" W x 8" L)

Student artwork is created each year to celebrate National School Bus Safety Week. The NSBSW POSTER theme for 2012 is "Stand Back from the Yellow and Black." Students may draw the theme from Sept 2011 to September 2012. School Bus Safety Week is Oct. 22-26, 2012.

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Happy Holidays to you and yours!More

Hand-held cellphone ban: Interstate truck, bus drivers
Better Roads
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood released on Nov. 23 a rule specifically prohibiting interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held cellphones while operating their vehicles. The joint rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is the latest action by the U.S. Department of Transportation to end distracted driving.More

GreenRoad survey shows fleet executives concerned with fuel costs, safety issues
PRWeb via San Francisco Chronicle
GreenRoad, the leader in driver performance and safety management, recently announced the results of a recently conducted Fleet Leaders Survey where respondents identified managing fuel costs and reducing crash rates as their two biggest challenges. In the survey, when asked to rank their biggest and most important challenges, 40 percent identified saving money by reducing fleet fuel consumption and 21 percent cited reducing crash costs; only 8 percent identified cutting emissions to meet eco-related objectives.More

CASTO opposes 'trigger cuts' of school transportation aid
California Association of School Transportation Officials
The California Association of School Transportation Officials has joined the California School Employees Association in a letter-writing campaign to state officials and elected representatives in the Golden State, hoping to stem the tide that could wash away $248 million via budget cuts to school transportation in California.

Dave Low, executive director of the California School Employees Association, AFL-CIO states in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown that "this cut will have a devastating impact on school transportation services across this state, and will put the safety and lives of public school children at risk." Among possible outcomes of trigger cuts, Low cites the following: risky travel alternatives for students, loss of transportation jobs and student's lack of access to education. The entire letter sent by Low and CASTO is viewable by clicking here.

CASTO was founded in 1968 to promote safe pupil transportation for all California children. CASTO is a State Association member of NAPT. To learn more about CASTO, please visit www.Castoways.orgMore

Engineered E. coli eats switchgrass, makes fuel
Laboratory Equipment
A milestone has been reached on the road to developing advanced biofuels that can replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuels with a domestically-produced clean, green, renewable alternative. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Institute have engineered the first strains of Escherichia coli bacteria that can digest switchgrass biomass and synthesize its sugars into all three of those transportation fuels. More

Google Maps takes you indoors
VideoBrief A new version of Google Maps is putting indoor plans on smartphones. An upgrade of Google's mobile mapping service was just released Nov. 29. It includes directions within stores, malls, airports and transit centers in the U.S.More

DOT, NHTSA unveil new website to engage teens on distracted driving
Department of Transportation Fastlane
Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood writes, "The new "OMG" public service announcements are not the only thing we've been working on to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Earlier this week, we also unveiled a new website to educate young drivers and help them get involved in our safety campaign."More

Why complete streets campaign is growing — and needs to continue
Transportation Issues Daily
Why have 314 communities, counties, regions and states adopted a Complete Streets policy? It's not rocket science. People want to be able to walk safely. And public agencies are recognizing what they can do to help people travel more safely.More

House pushes highway, transit reauthorization bill back to 2012
AASHTO Journal
House Republican leadership has postponed introduction and consideration of a surface transportation reauthorization bill until next year, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica recently told industry leaders.More

Push on to expand private TSA baggage screeners
USA Today
As complaints swirl around the Transportation Security Administration, some airports and lawmakers want to hire private baggage screeners under a program the TSA administrator is reluctant to expand.More