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Jan. 10, 2012

Obama to propose 0.5 percent pay raise for 2013
Federal Times
The Obama administration will propose a 0.5 percent pay raise for federal employees as part of the 2013 budget expected soon. A senior official from the Office of Management and Budget on Jan. 6 confirmed to Federal Times that the pay raise is in the works. The raise would be the first following a two-year freeze to pay scales, which began in 2011.More

Changes to federal benefits to look for in 2012
With all the recent gossip being spread about government employees and their benefits, it's no wonder federal employees ended 2011 a little tired and overwhelmed. What can you expect in 2012 — more of the same or a reprieve from the attacks of the media and Congress? While no one can know for sure, there are some considerations you can take into account to help you be prepared for whatever the future brings. The following are a few changes that could affect federal benefits in 2012.More

Make retirement savvier in 2012: 7 worthy resolutions for retirees
The Associated Press via The Washington Post
Retirees may be past the days of resolving to work out more or buy fewer $4 coffees. Yet, when it comes to money in particular, resolutions may be even more important for those living on fixed incomes. From financial nuts and bolts to more holistic aims, here's a look at seven worthy resolutions for retirees in 2012.More

Study: Mental decline can begin as early as 45
MyHealthDailyNews via
The brain's abilities to reason, comprehend and remember may start to worsen as early as age 45, a new study from England suggests. "'Senior moments' that people often joke about are true," said Dr. Gary Small, geriatric psychiatrist at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved with the work.More

Care of an aging parent: Enhancing the psychological journey
Whatever else 79 million baby boomers are doing, 1 in 8 are caring for an aging parent. Some are checking in on an elderly parent who is living alone, some are caring for a parent in their own home, some are visiting parents in assisted living or nursing facilities, and others are providing care from a long distance. Whether well planned or unfolding as emergency, this is a challenging task. Although the journey seems daunting and is certainly strewn with obstacles, it can also be an opportunity for mutual and positive connection.More

Tips for staying organized during job search
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
January invites resolutions: lose weight, spend less, get organized. These are good initiatives any time of the year; but if you're searching for a job, you don't have time to spare. Any resolution related to re-employment needs to start now. For example, take the promise to get organized. The reward of good organization is saving time; and when it comes to job search, time really is money.More

5 hidden retirement trends of 2011
CBS News
Here are some important emerging trends that might not have made the headlines, but they still require your attention in the months and years to come. More

Travel predictions for 2012: Doom and gloom may boost tourism
USA Today
Two high-profile disasters will be making travel headlines in 2012: the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15 and the end of the world on Dec. 21 (according to some interpretations of the ancient Maya calendar, anyway). The former is being commemorated with everything from cruises retracing the doomed liner's route — albeit with a much happier ending — to a flashy new waterfront development in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the city where the ship was built.More

How boomers can cut their food costs
For most retired baby boomers living on a fixed income, the fact that food prices are rising is not good news. It's important for adults at this stage of life to remain healthy and meet nutritional needs without exceeding budgets. The answer is not to sacrifice quality foods, but to explore ways of reducing the price of our overall food costs.More

Changing FEHBP benefits outside Open Season
Question: My sister-in-law's husband recently passed away. He was seriously sick during Federal Benefits Open Season. We are wondering if his being sick at that time would allow her to change her provider under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program outside of Open Season. More

NARFE will conduct 'National Call Congress Day' on Feb. 15
NARFE President Joseph A. Beaudoin is asking all members to call Congress on Feb. 15 to defend current and future federal retirees from being unfairly targeted. Full details, including a brief message and the toll-free telephone number to use, will be provided in upcoming NARFE NewsWatch editions and through NARFE's email messaging system, GEMS.More