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Jul. 1, 2014

NARFE to key lawmakers: Support six-day mail delivery
On June 25, a NARFE-supported, bipartisan amendment mandating six-day mail delivery won approval by the House Committee on Appropriations. NARFE President Joseph A. Beaudoin's letter bolstered the efforts of amendment sponsors Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., and Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, to "ensure that the United States Postal Service provides mail delivery service six days per week, as required by appropriations bills since 1983." The 224 co-sponsors of a similar House resolution are posted on our website. NARFE's Legislative Program, approved by the membership at the 2012 National Convention, supports maintaining six-day mail delivery.More

Congressional recess provides advocacy opportunities
Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have adjourned for the July 4 holiday recess. They will spend the week in their districts and states participating in meetings and local events. The July 4 holiday is one of the best opportunities to interact with members of Congress in more informal settings while representing NARFE.

Members of Congress will participate in parades and community fairs, especially in an election year. Don't miss the opportunity to tell your representatives to oppose the effort to change postal delivery from six days to five days. And remind your senators to oppose S. 1486, the Senate Postal Reform bill, as it makes substantive changes to long-standing benefits for postal and federal employees and retirees alike. Just a few minutes at community events will make a lasting impression on your legislators and reinforce the message that these issues are important to their constituents.

For tips and resources, please visit NARFE's Protect America's Heartbeat Toolkit. Specifically, you can find out how to interact with legislators in more casual settings here!More

Government pension offset
Question: I understand that, because I am a Civil Service Retirement System retiree, if my spouse should die, I cannot get any of his Social Security. Why is this the case?More

House committee requires USPS to keep Saturday mail delivery
Government Executive
A key House committee has once again voted to block the U.S. Postal Service from eliminating Saturday delivery, attaching an amendment to a spending bill that would require the agency to deliver mail six days per week.More

Obama gives feds right to request more flexible work options
Federal News Radio
Federal employees now have the right to request a more flexible work schedule and managers must "carefully" consider those requests, President Barack Obama told agency heads in a memo on expanding workplace flexibility in the federal government.More

Tester bill would allow agencies to share info about job candidates
The Washington Post
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., chairman of the Senate federal workforce subcommittee, has introduced legislation that would allow federal agencies to share information about job candidates. Currently, agencies with similar hiring needs are prohibited from sharing their assessments of applicants, according to Tester's office.More

Senate panel backs changing TSP default settings to more lucrative funds
Government Executive
A Senate committee approved legislation that would automatically enroll new federal employees in a more diverse, age-appropriate retirement fund rather than the safer government securities offering.More

Rethink your finances and retirement risks
The Dallas Morning News
Maybe the best way to save for retirement is to actually start budgeting for a short bout of insecurity. Or lots of insecurity. Sometimes, what looks like a healthy nest egg could easily be scrambled into an ugly mess.More

Skin cancer prevention tips that doctors swear by
ABC News
By now, we're all aware that we should wear sunscreen to protect us from harmful UV radiation. Yet every year more than 3.5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer — and one person dies of melanoma, the most dangerous form, every hour. And studies have found a 59 percent increase in the risk of melanoma from indoor tanning. Clearly, we need to be reminded about the basics.More

Insider tips on scoring hotel extras
Fox News
Henrik Kjellberg writes, "Travel deals and upgrades: they come in all shapes and sizes. As a seasoned hotel guest and a travel industry veteran, I've spent many years learning what makes hoteliers and travel operators tick, and especially how to get on their good side. Simple tricks, or even how you treat staff, can turn an average stay into something special. The following are some of my most tried and true tips on scoring hotel extras."More

How to find happiness in your second career — and earn money, too
These days, the retirement-planning conversation goes something like this: How can I earn an income after my initial career and give back at the same time?More

Four medication safety tips for older adults
Whether you're settling into your 60s or heading into your ninth decade, you should be extra careful when taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines. And if you're caring for older loved ones, you should help them stay safe.More