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Aug. 3, 2010

Life insurance firms profit from death benefits
Millions of Americans are being duped by life insurance companies that have figured out a way to hold on to death benefits owed to families. MetLife and Prudential lead the way in making hundreds of millions of dollars in secret profits every year on money that belongs to relatives of those who die, an investigation by Bloomberg Markets magazine found. Among the people being tricked are parents and spouses of U.S. soldiers killed in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.More

2011 financial questions for federal employees
It is the time of year when readers are wondering about answers to several questions. How much will my raise be next year? How much of a cost-of-living adjustment will federal retirees receive in January? Will my health insurance benefits go up? Some of the answers are starting to come into focus.More

Bad advice, good result
If you need cash in the short term, your IRA may be a good place to find it. As long as you return your withdrawal within 60 days, you won't owe income tax. However, if you miss the 60-day window, you'll owe tax and probably a 10 percent penalty if you're younger than 59 and-a-half.More

House panel passes supervisory training bill
The House federal work force subcommittee has approved legislation that would require a training regimen for new federal supervisors and follow-up training once every three years. Training would cover basic supervisory skills and prohibited personnel practices, as well as set up mentoring programs.More

Health care on Capitol Hill
The Hill
House lawmakers have left town for the month, but the Senate is back this week to tie up some loose ends before the August recess. On their agenda, Democratic leaders are hoping to approve extra Medicaid funding to help states weather the recession-driven budget crises many still face. More

Calcium supplements may increase risk of heart attacks
Medical News Today
An international team of researchers that reviewed data from several trials found that taking calcium supplements was linked to a higher risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular events; the authors called for new research to re-assess the role of calcium supplements in the treatment of osteoporosis.More

How will health care reform impact family caregivers?
The News Enterprise
The health care reform legislation is promising great impact for the overall health care benefits for all Americans in the coming months and years. While the conditions and taxpayers liability for the program are hot topics and brings up many discussions, it is important to look at its positive impacts on family caregivers.More

13 best job websites for Baby Boomers
Investing Answers
The first step to finding a new job is to look in the right place, and these sites are especially beneficial to experienced workers who are looking to fill a particular niche in the labor market. Take a look at these top sites for the experienced worker—maybe one of them has the perfect opportunity waiting for you.More

Stressed states decide workers are to retire later
The Wall Street Journal
States are deciding it's time their workers retire later. Lawmakers in at least 10 states have voted this year to require many new government employees to work longer before retiring with a full pension, or have increased penalties for early retirement. A similar proposal is pending in California. Mississippi, already among the states requiring more years of service for a pension, is weighing the additional step of increasing its retirement age.More

In thirst for profits, Southwest Airlines enforces drink-coupon expirations
Southwest Airlines says it needs to "operate smarter," so it began enforcing expiration dates on Business Select drink coupons. The new policy, announced in the Nuts About Southwest blog, means Business Select coupons for free drinks will only be honored on the flight for which it was issued and can't be used on subsequent flights.More

Visa debuts comparison shopping website
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Visa debuting a website - - that lets shoppers compare products from different online retailers in one location. Shoppers can place items from around the Web in their Rightcliq account for an easy comparison of prices and features. A social networking component also allows users to seek opinions from friends and family. More

A NARFE member asks: I plan on retiring in 2011. Is it too soon to begin planning for my retirement?
Questions answered by staff in NARFE's Retirement Benefits Service Department. For more Q&As, make sure to read NARFE magazine every month.More

Wondering where to retire?

Make sure to check out the September issue of NARFE magazine, coming to your mailbox in late August. We asked NARFE members to tell us, in 140 characters, why other federal retirees should choose their community for their retirement home. See what they told us!More

August Is NARFE 'Meet Your Candidates Month'

NARFE chapters around the country will be using the longest break in the congressional calendar (Aug. 7-Sept. 13) to conduct multichapter, multicandidate forums designed to obtain congressional candidate positions on federal employee and retiree issues. This year, NARFE hopes to improve on this civic exercise first used nationwide by the Association in 2008. Forums will include incumbents, their challengers and candidates in open seats. NARFE members should contact their chapter and federation leaders to find out if a forum is planned in their area.More