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Aug. 12, 2014

Phased retirement regulations finalized, NARFE responds
The Office of Personnel Management on Aug. 7 released final regulations implementing phased retirement in the federal government. NARFE has been urging release of the final regulations since the law creating phased retirement passed more than two years ago.More

FERS Annuity Supplement
Question: I plan to retire under the Federal Employees Retirement System at the end of the year. I realize that I will be placed in interim pay for a few months until my annuity is adjudicated. Because I qualify for the FERS Annuity Supplement immediately, when does it begin?More

OPM finally finishes 'phased retirement' rules for federal workers
The Washington Post
The Office of Personnel Management released the final rules for a much-anticipated "phased retirement" program for federal workers, saying agencies can begin processing applications in November. The move comes more than two years after Congress passed a law approving the option, which allows federal employees to work part time while collecting half of their annuity rate after reaching retirement eligibility. Participants will have to spend at least 20 percent of their time mentoring younger employees, particularly those who will take over their former roles.More

Merit Board head says with new VA law 'we are absolutely in new territory'
The Washington Post
Susan Tsui Grundmann and her colleagues on the Merit Systems Protection Board find themselves in an unusual position. The small, quasi-judicial executive branch agency describes itself as "the guardian of federal merit systems." Now, however, the three members of the board are prohibited from guarding a small group of federal employees — Senior Executive Service members in the Department of Veterans Affairs — from merit-system abuse.More

Senators seek to protect 15,000 postal jobs
Government Executive
A group of lawmakers is urging colleagues who are drafting spending bills to prohibit the U.S. Postal Service from moving forward with its plan to close 80 more processing facilities.More

The three states of retirement you must plan for
Fox Business
Retirement planning doesn't stop when you leave the workforce. Just like there are different investment stages during your working life, there are phases of retirement. From the on-the-go days of early retirement to the slower pace of old age, your needs and requirements are going to fluctuate.More

Six health tips every boomer and senior should know before traveling
"Older adults usually have several health concerns," said Dr. Jose Dryjanski, a travel medicine specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. "They should consult with their doctor or a travel clinic before going on a long trip. Being prepared is the key to staying safe and healthy."More

Can't decide where to retire? Try 'everywhere'
The Boston Globe
It was while vacationing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in 2010, that Lynne Martin mustered the courage to tell her husband of four years that she wasn't happy. Sitting on the terrace of a friend's house, sipping wine in front of the crackling flames in the outdoor fireplace, Lynne blurted out what had been consuming her thoughts for quite some time: She wasn't getting any younger (her 70th birthday was right around the corner) and she wanted to see and experience the world.More

Five tips to extend your smartphone or tablet's battery life
Fox News
Take a picture. Send a text. Play a game. Check email. Make a call. Get directions. Then, suddenly, all this threatens to stop cold in an instant. A smartphone or tablet's low battery warning is the only warning that most people take seriously. A dead battery doesn't have to happen to you. Turning off a few features and changing some settings can give your gadget's battery life a dramatic boost.More