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Apr. 30, 2015

Chicago's 'Draft Town' to give fans free NFL experience
Chicago is playing host to the NFL Draft and the city recently got its first look inside "Draft Town" in Grant Park where fans will gather. The NFL Draft is big business, a made-for-television event with huge ratings, and Draft Town will be unlike anything Grant Park has seen before.More

NASC volunteers help clean up Milwaukee County park
VideoBrief More than one hundred volunteers from around the country helped clean up a Milwaukee County park recently. The work the volunteers did in a few hours would have taken staffers at Washington Park weeks to do. They're all from the National Association of Sports Commissions — and they built picnic tables, picked up trash and spread mulch.More

It's fast, it's fun and it's the future — the sport called Ultimate
Portland Press Herald
Having fun and promoting good sportsmanship is literally written into the rulebook for Ultimate, a team sport played with a flying disc. Ultimate is not an officially sanctioned high school sport, but it has become a fast-growing alternative to more traditional sports. More than 600 Maine high-schoolers are playing this spring.More

When everyone gets a trophy, no one wins
The Huffington Post
America's "everyone gets a trophy" syndrome has become a national joke. "A" grades, which once conveyed excellence, are now given to 43 percent of all college students, according to a study by grade-inflation gurus Stuart Rojstaczer and Christopher Healy. More

Technology, outdoor sports converge at drone conference
The Associated Press via The Sacramento Bee
Surfers catching waves and mountain bikers pedaling through forests are used to the occasional low flying pelican or diving hawk, but these days outdoor recreationalists can find what's up in the air isn't a bird at all, it's a drone. As prices go down and drone technology advances, park and wilderness visitors who want to use drones also need to make sure that everyone is having a safe and enjoyable experience, said Sergio Capozzi at the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals.More

Eating disorders: How teachers and coaches can help
By Amanda Kowalski
She runs three miles every day, but she always seems to be on a diet. He doesn't hang out with his friends as much because he has to work out. She seems thin to everyone else, but says she's fat. Half a million American teens between age 13 and 18 struggle with some sort of eating disorder. The results can be serious, ranging from tooth decay and fatigue to high blood pressure and even death, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. How can teachers and coaches tell if one of their students has an eating disorder? And what can they do?More

Portable synthetic turf growing within athletic, fitness markets
Athletic Business
This turf is temporary by design, boasting an ability to be rolled up, removed and later reapplied, or — if you prefer smaller puzzle pieces — stacked and stored for future reconnection. The past five years have seen a growth spurt of portable products available through synthetic turf suppliers, with new models hitting the market only within the past six months. More

Corporate Games returns to US
US Corporate Games
After nearly 3 decades away, the World Corporate Games community is returning to its U.S. roots. 2Thrive, a newly established nonprofit has secured the exclusive rights to stage the Corporate Games across the U.S. through 2023, providing opportunities for the ever-increasing sedentary population to pursue lifelong fitness. More

Ultimate Frisbee D-I college regional championships in Virginia
Visit Martinsville
The 2015 USA Ultimate Atlantic Coast DI College women's and men's regional championships will be held at Martinsville, Virginia's Smith River Sports Complex. Games will start at 9 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. This event is free to the public. There will be a total of 16 men's teams and 12 women's teams competing with three men's and one women's teams qualifying to represent the Atlantic Coast region at the National Championship tournament May 22-25, in Milwaukee.More

Michigan sports commission predicts sold-out hotels
Grand Rapids Business Journal
Hotels in West Michigan could sell out on several upcoming weekends as a series of sporting events draw visitors and millions in economic impact into the market. The West Michigan Sports Commission said that it predicts four weekends of sporting events could generate more than $14.3 million in economic impact for the area.More

Life after concussions for 1 young athlete
The Washington Post
Writes Claudia Heitler, a youth current events blogger, of her son: "Our son, a hockey player, had three concussions by age 10. His symptoms were increasingly horrible with each one. With the third, he developed migraines so bad that we’d regularly have to hold his throbbing head in our hands as he sobbed. He missed three months of fifth grade and of just being a kid. There aren’t words to describe how unbearable it is to watch your child suffer." More

Research highlights devastating health effects of energy drinks
By Archita Datta Majumdar
Along with an alarming rise in obesity, energy drinks are leading to increasing statistics of negative social, emotional and behavioral issues as well as other long-term health effects. Now policymakers and physician groups are coming together to push for serious sales restrictions of these drinks — especially to children under 18. These groups point to a series of recent studies on energy drinks that have created a furor across the country.More

New Jersey sports complex could draw athletes by the thousands
Press of Atlantic City
When it approved entering into negotiations with Bader Field Sports LLC recently, Atlantic City, New Jersey demonstrated its belief that the resort's languishing former airport can take on new life. If all goes to plan, that new life will be as a major hub for youth athletics. More

Top girls players face difficult choice between club, high school teams
The Washington Post
Pen and pad in hand, FC Virginia under-17 girls' club soccer coach Terry Foley went down the roster and asked the same, simple question following one January practice: "High school or no high school?" Tess Sapone had always enjoyed playing for Oakton High, but as her teammates voted one by one against joining their school teams this spring, Sapone fell into line. "I knew I wanted to play high school, but with everybody sitting there, it was kind of a peer pressure thing," said Sapone, a Florida commit.More

Outdoor play important for children
Besides the obvious benefits of outdoor play such as building active and healthy bodies, there are also more subtle benefits that help form an overall healthy child both mentally and spiritually. A quick search of the Natural Wildlife Federation website will show that outdoor play can boost vitamin D levels, help reduce ADHD symptoms, increase student performance at school and on tests, and increase emotional development.More

Mega sports complex expected to generate more tourism for California cities
The Sacramento Bee
A mega sports complex planned for west Roseville, California is expected to deliver a jolt to Placer County's tourism industry. The city of Roseville is partnering with the nonprofit Placer Valley Tourism to build a collection of eight to 12 synthetic turf fields on 55 acres off Hayden Parkway. The $35 million project would be funded through bonds issued by Placer Valley Tourism and a $5 million grant from the city.More

What's exercise deficit disorder?
How would a parent react if a child's health care provider wrote a prescription that simply said "exercise"? This is certainly not what most parents expect from a checkup, but it may be coming. A new diagnosis is gaining popularity among pediatricians: "exercise deficit disorder" or EDD.More