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Jul. 9, 2015

Indoor vs. outdoor exercise: Which is more productive?
The Tampa Tribune via Athletic Business
People tend to lean heavily on the gym when it comes to exercise, even in places where summer is endless. The gym is just an easy concept: You go, the machines are right there, you get the workout done, and you leave. Is it better for your body, health, and fitness goals to work out outdoors, where terrain varies and nothing is as smooth as the treadmill belt or class floor?More

World Cup Final sets soccer viewership record
The Wall Street Journal
It only took about 16 minutes for the Women's World Cup final to effectively be over, but Fox probably hoped the U.S. team’s run to the championship would never end. Team USA's 5-2 rout of defending champion Japan on Sunday night brought in 25.4 million viewers on Fox, according to a person familiar with the final figures. Nielsen plans to formally release the number, which sets a record for the most-watched soccer game in the U.S.More

NASC upcoming webinars — Register now!
We have a great line-up of both Best Practices Webinars and Event Webinars that you won’t want to miss. Check out the schedule and reserve your spot today!More

Tulsa celebrates championship doubleheader
July will be a big month for the Tulsa Sports Commission, as the city will be the host for two national championship tournaments at the same time later this month. The USGA Girls' Junior Championship will be held at the Tulsa Country Club starting July 20th, while the US Youth Soccer National Championships will start a day later at the Mohawk Sports Complex.More

South Carolina Sports Alliance supports removal of flag
South Carolina Sports Alliance
The South Carolina Sports Alliance stands together as one team in unity with Governor Haley, and supports her call for the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. We want to thank our elected officials who are working on a swift and admirable resolution to this matter.More

Wisconsin city set to host unique sport
Journal Times
When Kari Dawson, Real Racine's events director, attended the National Association of Sports Commissions Symposium at Oklahoma City in the spring of 2014, she got to know Doren James. James, the operations manager for the U.S. Australian Football League, discussed with Dawson the possibility of bringing the organization's national championship to Racine, Wisconsin. That didn’t work out, but the area is still going to get a taste of this unique sport.More

Iowa City seeks consultants for new sports complex
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa City officials are in the preliminary stages of developing a large sports complex on the city's southeast side and are asking consultants to put together a 10-year plan for the city-owned site. Design elements in the proposal include between two and four baseball fields, 14 soccer fields and between two and four football and rugby fields. The complex would also include a concession stand, restrooms, shelter, landscaping and trails.More

What women need to know about sports injuries
The benefits of playing sports are well known, but the impact may be greater for females. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, high school girls are less likely to get pregnant and more likely to do better academically if they participate in sports. Girls and women also have more confidence, self-esteem, and lower levels of depression. The downside of all this physical activity is that it comes with risk. Women tend to be more susceptible to certain injuries as well as sports or exercise-related issues.More

For now, AT&T Stadium no longer seems in plans for Texas title games
USA Today
When the NFL released its 2015 regular-season schedule, the league announced a Dallas Cowboys home game at AT&T Stadium that conflicted with a date earmarked for Texas' University Interscholastic League's football state championships. UIL blamed "miscommunication" for the double booking, while the Cowboys made clear that they desperately wanted to keep the UIL games. It now appears that isn't likely, according to a UIL spokesperson.More

Exercising early in life yields rewards in adult years
University of California Riverside via ScienceDaily
What impact can exercise done early in life have on the propensity for exercising during the adult years? Researchers did experiments on mice in the lab to find out. They found that early-age exercise in mice has positive effects on adult levels of voluntary exercise in addition to reducing body mass — results that may have relevance for the public policy debates concerning the importance of physical education for children. More

Study: Attending, dancing at music festival is like walking a 10K
E.W. Scripps via Knoxville News Sentinel
Music fans who enjoy dancing and walking around a large festival are burning a lot of calories — like distance runner-level calories, according to a new study. French consumer electronics company Withings published a study that looked into some of Europe's biggest music festivals and found that attendees can burn upwards of 9,000 calories over the course of a three-day event.More

Youth sports specialization: Is it really a negative?
Standard Examiner
Few topics surrounding high school sports generate as much discussion as the topic of youth specialization. But one question needs to be asked: Is specialization really a negative?More

Is the FDA's trans fat ban really the answer to our obesity epidemic?
By Natalie Rodriguez
The time has finally come for Americans to wave goodbye to their toxic friend trans fat — a veteran contributor to heart disease in the United States. Trans fat extends the shelf life of our favorite processed foods, along with assisting in taste and texture. In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration issued a preliminary finding indicating that partially hydrogenated oils were not "generally recognized as safe," and recently finalized the determination.More

Players pass time on the road making music video
What do college baseball players do when they are bored on a road trip? Make a music video, of course! These are The Torrington Titans, a summer collegiate baseball team. The team is made up of players from all over the country, but about half of them are from Connecticut.More

Delaware developer adjusts sports complex plan for locals
The News Journal
The developers of a large youth sports complex that would be built at the southwest corner of Middletown, Delaware yielded to community concerns about increased traffic and glare from nighttime field lights with an announcement that those issues are now non-issues. The south portion of the planned 170-acre Delaware Sports Complex, a pay-for-play facility geared primarily toward traveling teams and tournament play, won't include field lighting. And developers say a planned third entrance to the facility that could have created unwanted congestion directly across the road from The Estates at Saint Anne's housing development has now been eliminated.More

NASC Career Center
Member Services Coordinator, Allied and Rights Holder Membership, National Association of Sports Commissions
The primary objective is to provide sales and service support in delivering a progressively positive member experience from recruitment through retention. This role has significant interaction with members, prospects and staff. Assist with projects including: membership recruitment and retention, meeting planning, and other administrative duties that work to support the goals and objectives of the Association.
To read more, click here. More

Screen addiction is taking a toll on children
The New York Times
Excessive use of computer games among young people in China appears to be taking an alarming turn and may have particular relevance for American parents whose children spend many hours a day focused on electronic screens. The documentary "Web Junkie," to be shown on PBS, highlights the tragic effects on teenagers who become hooked on video games, playing for dozens of hours at a time often without breaks to eat, sleep or even use the bathroom. Many come to view the real world as fake.More

Benefits of extracurricular sports extend into the classroom
Medical News Today
Extracurricular sports have long been promoted as a way of keeping children healthy, but new research suggests they could also provide benefits in the classroom, helping children remain engaged and disciplined. The study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, found that children who regularly participated in structured sports were better at following instructions and remaining focused in the classroom than their peers by the time they reached fourth grade.More