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Aug. 20, 2015

Winning isn't everything ...
In this age of “everybody’s a winner” in youth sports, and trophies are handed out just for showing up, Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison has given us a different perspective on who should get a trophy when. In a lengthy Instagram post this weekend, Harrison showed a couple of trophies his sons "earned" and then explained why his kids won’t be keeping them.More

Olympic dreaming: Could Detroit ever host the games?
Detroit Free Press
No other city in the world has made more Summer Olympic bids than Detroit — seven — and never landed the games. After Boston's bid to host the games collapsed recently, even the most fanatical Olympic dreamers concede Detroit on its own has zero chance of financing even a shoestring Olympics like that of London in 1948, only three years out from the end of World War II. But the city wouldn't have to go it alone. Windsor, Ontario is just across the river. More

Kickball, a longtime gym-class favorite, becoming popular among adults
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Kickball, a sport widely associated with school gym class, is rising as an adult activity in the United States. The World Adult Kickball Association operates in 35 states, and several organizations offer leagues. The Pittsburgh Sports League, which operates leagues in nearly two dozen sports, began hosting kickball leagues in 2001. Today, kickball is the PSL's second-largest sport behind softball, with leagues running in the spring, summer and fall and about 2,800 players projected for 2015.More

West Michigan Sports Commission launches redesigned website
West Michigan Sports Commission
The West Michigan Sports Commission launched a redesigned website ( whose design mimics sites of professional sports leagues and athletic clothing and footwear brands, highlighting the excitement and action of the sporting world. But beyond visual improvements, the website more clearly showcases West Michigan's event offerings for both sports enthusiasts and sporting event planners. A key improvement of the site is the ability for visitors to search for customized content by topic — whether a sports fan or a sporting event planner.More

Little League softball scandal ends in elimination for the accused
The New York Times
A girls softball team accused of intentionally losing at the Little League World Series was eliminated after being ordered to play a special play-in game. The team from Snohomish, Washington, lost the game, 3-2, to a team from Polk City, Iowa, which had been the victim of the alleged game-fixing. More

11 student-athletes on what they learned from playing college sports
The Huffington Post
Are college sports worth it for student-athletes who have no hope of going pro? The answer depends on the individual, and several individuals who played in college discussed their sporting days and what they learned from the experience.More

Health experts: Kids, energy drinks not a good mix
Las Vegas Review-Journal
For younger people looking for a quick jolt or pick-me-up by sipping on an energy drink, health experts advise them to think again. Research from the American Heart Association and the Academy of American Pediatrics shows those drinks and young children don't mix.More

Sports Business Journal ranks Quad Cities as top minor league market
Radio Iowa
The Quad Cities is now ranked the number-one minor league sports market in the country, according to the Sports Business Journal. Every two years, the publication rates more than 200 communities nationwide with nearly 400 teams. Two teams there are very popular, the Quad Cities River Bandits baseball team and the Quad City Mallards in hockey.More

Texas continues to lead nation in high school athletic participation, but football numbers are decreasing
The Dallas Morning News
In the annual high school athletics participation survey by the National Federation of State High School Associations released recently, Texas rules the roost. Texas leads the nation in the number of high school athletes in 2014-15, with its 804,598 students topping California's tally of 797,101. Texas has led the nation in participation for over two decades. Notwithstanding, numbers in the state's showcase sport, football, are declining.More

What's behind the increase in amateur baseball litigation?
By Albert Figone
Coaches have traditionally assumed a special role in the lives of athletes and success of teams. In the past, winning coaches achieved results employing techniques that could legally be considered "wanton" or "grossly negligent" in any other context. On its face, the behavior of coaches today is more scrutinized than ever, and the big legal question that surfaces is: Where does society draw the line between forging a winning program and negligent behavior?More

Pro teams are risking a cybersecurity own goal
A recent spate of cyberattacks and allegations by professional sports teams comes as no surprise. A number of factors combine to make pro teams uniquely attractive to cyber-criminals.More

Technique cuts down football injuries at Illinois college
Chicago Tribune
A high school football team in Illinois has reduced its injury rate by 45 percent compared to previous seasons using what team doctor Tom Nelson calls "Self Activation Technique." SAT involves a series of breathing exercises as athletes take a stick and apply pressure to areas behind their head and ears.More

Georgia State ready to move on Turner Field
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia State President Mark Becker said the university is ready to move on Atlanta's Turner Field property if it is put up for sale. The Braves announced that they will be out of the stadium by the end of 2016. That decision was what all the parties interested in the stadium and surrounding properties were waiting for. Now, Becker said they will wait on the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority to decide if the 77-acre property will be put up for sale. More

Oregon baseball tapping into Southern California resources
The Orange County Register
It was interesting to see the University of Oregon flag flying high at Orange Coast College's Pirate Park recently. Billed as a Southern California Showcase Camp, Oregon hosted a one-day event for high school baseball players who might be interested in attending Oregon and playing for legendary Ducks coach George Horton.More