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Sep. 17, 2015

NFL teams creating mini-theme parks to get fans off sofas
The Associated Press via ABC News
Little kids bounce around on inflatables. Teenagers rock to a local band. Huge screens showing sports from around the country, and celebrities signing autographs. A fair or theme park? Try MetLife Stadium before an NFL game.More

Call for Proposals now open for 2016 Symposium
The NASC is pleased to announce that the call for speaking proposals is now open for the 2016 NASC Sports Event Symposium. The event will take place April 4-7, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Proposals will be accepted through Oct. 30, 2015. Emphasis is placed on curriculum that is relevant and timely based on what leaders in the sports tourism industry are experiencing.More

Rules of engagement
It's happened again. In the span of just over a week, another high school referee has been assaulted during a football game, and again it happened in Texas. This time the incident involved a player from San Antonio's St. Anthony High School who, video shows, shoved a referee following an altercation on the field during the game. What is precipitating these acts? More

New York sports dome may bring in big bucks
Poughkeepsie Journal
Until building plans are finalized, what the property tax impact will be on a proposed $25 million sports dome complex project in East Fishkill, New York is still unknown, but officials anticipate the economic impact will be sizable. According to the Full Environment Assessment Form submitted to the town by Hopewell Sportsdome Ventures LLC, the developers expect the eight-acre, air-supported dome will result in a significant increase in the school and property taxes generated by the site, but noted that these estimates will be provided upon completion of the project. More

Cactus League baseball a $544 million tourism business
Phoenix Business Journal
Out-of-state baseball fans who visit Arizona for spring training games spend $544 million annually, according to new numbers released recently by Gov. Doug Ducey and the Cactus League Baseball Association. Fifteen Major League Baseball teams base their spring training at 10 Phoenix-area ballparks. More

NASC Career Center
Director, Business Development, Seminole County Sports Complex
Work as a liaison of the Central Florida Sports Commission on all subjects pertaining to sports events, sports related business opportunities and other like related programming at the Seminole County Sports Complex in terms of growing sports related tourism in Seminole County.
To read more, click here.More

Australian Olympic swim coaches encouraging late nights and sleep-ins
The Associated Press via Belleville News Democrat
The Australian swimming team is fine-tuning a routine for late nights and sleep-ins as it prepares for next year's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The 47 swimmers and 33 support staff and coaches were in camp at the Australian Institute of Sport, where they're simulating the schedule they'll have to contend with in Rio — heats in the early afternoon, with finals from 10 p.m. until midnight. They're all wearing sleep and activity watches to collect data for the duration of the camp.More

St. Louis named finalist for 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship
Fox Sports Midwest
SA Hockey has chosen its three finalists for the 2018 IIHF World Junior Championships, and St. Louis is among the cities still in contention. The other two are Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Officials from USA Hockey will visit each of the three finalist cities over the next month and a final decision on the host for the event is expected by the end of the year. More

Coach's heroics shows importance of CPR training
It's simple and it saves lives — still, some people just won't jump in to do CPR. But recently ago, one Chicago area high school swim coach, Mac Varilla, made a real splash turning a potential tragedy into triumph.More

Adaptive-sports program set for debut in Iowa
Telegraph Herald
An adaptive-sports open gym will be piloted in Dubuque, Iowa this fall. The open gym is for people of all ages with physical disabilities who might not fit into Special Olympics and are unable to play regular organized sports.More

American tourists flock north as Canadian dollar plummets
By Katherine Radin
Canada's economy has been sliding for months due to plunging gas and oil prices, and it was recently declared that the country is indeed in a recession. As Canadians watch the value of their dollar decline, they are also witnessing a boom in their tourism industry. In recent months, Americans have been coming to Canada in record numbers, looking to make use of the increased value of their dollar. What does this tourism boost mean for operators and the industry as a whole?More

The world's most famous sailboat race unveils Chicago plans
Crain's Chicago Business
The America's Cup will hold one of its preliminary races in Chicago next year, on June 10-12. Event organizers hope it will be an audition for Chicago hosting the finals of the world's most famous sailboat race in the future.More

$2.8 million allocated for sportsplex in Michigan
Sturgis Journal
Supporters of a proposed multi-field sports complex in Michigan's Three Rivers area cleared a sizable hurdle when members of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners agreed to allocate financial support toward the concept. Following nearly 30 minutes of audience comments — opponents and proponents alike — commissioners agreed to provide $2.8 million of $4 million the sports complex steering committee originally sought to purchase additional land and for development-related expenses for the proposal. More

A Texas ranch is leading a pitching revolution
On a patch of dirt 50 miles north of Houston, Ron Wolforth's baseball students are taking turns hurling a blue medicine ball at a green wall as hard as they can, which isn't hard enough, and Wolforth doesn't have time to keep pushing them, to "ride you like a pony until you get better," he tells them. The ball weighs 4 pounds. He has calculated that if these guys can throw it 40 mph, holding it with both hands and releasing it over their heads like a soccer throw-in, they can throw a baseball 90 mph from the mound.More

Indiana sports campus creates regional hotel crunch
The Indianapolis Star
Many Hamilton County, Indiana sports coaches and wedding and event planners have realized that booking hotel rooms during spring, summer and autumn weekends in Hamilton County has become increasingly difficult since Westfield opened the 400-acre youth Grand Park sports campus a year ago. Hotel builders, though, aren't ready to invest in a big way to fill weekend demand. Youth sports may fill rooms on weekends, but hotel managers say they need reliable weekday traffic to stay in business. More

Minnesota sports arena and expo center gets high-flying name
Marshall, Minnesota is looking to grow its appeal as an amateur and youth sports destination with a project made possible by one of the city's businesses. Marshall's new sports arena and expo center is taking flight as it marks a significant milestone. The 78,000 square foot facility is expected to open next summer. It will have two sheets of ice but will be home to more than just hockey, with plans for basketball and volleyball. More

Bats and balls, not baserunners, cause worst injuries to major league catchers
Johns Hopkins University
Contrary to popular belief, the worst injuries baseball catchers face on the field come from errant bats and foul balls, not home-plate collisions with base runners, according to findings of a study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The research, done in collaboration with Baltimore Orioles trainers Brian Ebel and Richard Bancells, involved analysis of all catcher injuries during major league baseball games over a 10-year period.More

Research shows too much rest may compromise concussion recovery
Medical News Today
According to new research, children who have had concussions should step up their activity days after injury because excessive rest itself may compromise recovery and "do more harm than good." Physicians have often advised lengthy rest after injury, until symptoms, such as headaches, are fully cleared, which may take weeks. The rest often has an impact on school attendance, sports participation and other activities. More

Appropriate strength training for young athletes
The Courier-Journal
The allure of strength training is great. After all, who doesn't want to be strong and fit? And for the young athlete, strength training may be the best way — combined with aerobic exercise — to get a complete workout. But like any other fitness routine, it must be done appropriately to have the best benefit.More