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Visit Baton Rouge You'll Get the Picture
Baton Rouge

Where Sports Come to Play

From fishing to football, Louisiana is the ultimate Sportsman’s Paradise. Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Capital City, is home to numerous venues accommodating everything from baseball and soccer to waterskiing and golf. The Red Stick’s city parks also offer visitors the opportunity to skate, bike, kayak, horseback ride and more, all under the oak tree canopies of the South.

While you’re here for sports, get your fill of authentic Southern paradise as well. With Baton Rouge’s welcoming sense of hospitality and unique ties to culture, you’ll enjoy our music, cuisine, shopping and vibrant collegiate spirit. For a sense of the state’s deep-rooted history, be sure to explore the Red Stick’s Old State Capitol or stop by a local festival.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the game started with our friendly staff at Visit Baton Rouge, who will work with you to plan all details of your event — from sunrise at the farmers’ market to sunset at the stadium. We look forward to hosting you in Baton Rouge!

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