Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
Apr. 14, 2015

6 ways to stretch your small business budget
Staples Business Hub
Sometimes it seems like you never run out of things to buy for your business. From the tiniest paper clip to the biggest digital display, there's always something on the shopping list. You don't want to do without, of course, but you also need to make every penny count.More

More street smart ideas to drive success
The Des Moines Register
A plan isn't a plan until you have a backup plan. You may have made the best-laid plans, but what if something unexpected happens? I can't emphasize enough how important backup plans are. You should always have a plan B and possibly plans C and D. The bigger the deal or event, the more detailed your backup plans should be.More

What kind of expenses can I write off if I am self-employed?
In addition to the same deductions taken by folks who are employed by others, you can also deduct most expenses related to doing your job. This includes office space, supplies, equipment, business use of your car and telephone, internet and so on.More

Don't let desperation drive your decisions
By Anne Rose
You're short-handed and desperately need to hire another employee, so you hire the first breathing person that mails in a job application. Or maybe there's been a dearth of clients and your bank account is desperately low. You need a client fast, so you accept the first prospective customer who calls on the phone. More

From an extra bedroom to 20 stores and counting: How Kendra Scott created a multimillion-dollar jewelry empire
Kendra Scott's entrepreneurial career was launched out of a spare bedroom in Austin, Texas. It was 2002, and Scott had just given birth. Bored and on bed rest, she withdrew $500 and bought the materials to make earrings. At this point, she’d been making jewelry as gifts for friends for years, as she was frustrated that the only available options at retailers were bookended by high-fashion, expensive pieces and trendy, low-quality pieces with nothing but blank space in between.More

ZenPayroll could change the way you pay
Small Business Trends
ZenPayroll, a Web-based payroll processor targeting specifically smaller businesses, says a recent round of funding has helped it take its service nationwide. The company has raised $60 million in funding from Google Capital, with participation from other new investors, including Emergence Capital Partners and Ribbit Capital.More

Take the grunt work out of email marketing
Small Business Computing
Developing a customer mailing list is an essential part of building a successful business. Your mailing list adds value to your business, and it helps you keep in touch with customers. And no matter the size of your list — big or small — you need a tool to manage it. An email marketing service helps ensure that your list complies with the law, includes features for managing your contact details, and it provides tools to help you create and send email newsletters — and then analyze the results of your email campaigns.More

Don't let procrastination kill your business
AllBusiness Experts
Are you spending precious time and energy procrastinating on things that you need to do rather than actually doing them? Learn the real value of time, and don't let procrastination rob your business of its true potential. Start getting things done today, not tomorrow!More