Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
Jun. 10, 2014

85 percent of small businesses get customers through word of mouth
Small Business Trends
By far the most common way customers learn about a business is from word of mouth, according to the small businesses in the survey. Eighty-five percent of the small businesses surveyed said customers learn about them through word of mouth. The chart above shows all the responses. As you can see, no other type of marketing or advertising even comes close. Search engines come in a distant second at 59 percent. Everything else is far behind.More

Why your small business needs cyber insurance
Intuit Small Business Blog
Sometimes small-business owners feel invisible compared to more established brands. But when it comes to cyber crime, your business is just as visible — and vulnerable — as any Fortune 500 concern. Nearly one-third of all cyber attacks in 2013 targeted companies with fewer than 250 employees. More

Payroll how hiring family members can lower your taxes
CPA Practice Advisor
For business owners, hiring family members as employees can lead to significant tax savings. And in many cases, those savings extend to the family members as well as the business owner. Sole proprietorships and corporations are both entitled to tax savings when they hire family members, but the amount of savings varies according to business type.More

What type of entrepreneur are you?
A fun aspect of entrepreneurship is the diversity of people that you meet and the variety of ways that people have gotten to where they are. There isn't one single formula on how it is done, which makes the journey that more exciting. Some start as salespeople, some investors, some from other failed or successful ventures. More

85 percent of small businesses get customers through word of mouth
Small Business Trends
In one sense it's striking that the method that is (a) most personal, and (b) costs the least in out-of-pocket expenditures, is the top method of attracting new customers. After all, you'd expect that by throwing money at the problem via expensive advertising, and through methods that scale to reach many, you'd get greater results.More

Long-term changes in entrepreneurial income
Small Business Trends
The income that Americans report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generally takes three broad forms: the wages and salaries that people get for working for a business or organization; investment income (capital gains, dividends and interest); and income from running a business of one's own.More

What entrepreneurs love (and hate) about running a business
FOX Business
Running your own business tends to be a love-hate relationship. While there are a variety of things that entrepreneurs enjoy about owning a business, there are nearly as many that they dislike, according to a new study from TD Bank.More

Self employed are the backbone of the economy
The Economic Voice
With a 0.8 percent growth in the first quarter of this year and the International Monetary Fund predicting a growth of 2.9 percent in 2014 there is hope that the double dip days of the recession are behind us. Combined with the fact that there were 367,000 more self employed in the last 4four years and a massive 60 percent increase in self-employment workers between 2011-2012 then you wouldn't be wrong to assume that those who work for themselves are helping drive the economy forward.More

Bank discrimination and its 'debilitating' effect on minority entrepreneurs
Bloomberg Businessweek
For a recent mystery shopper experiment, three business school professors recruited black, white, and Hispanic entrepreneurs across the U.S., dressed them in matching polo shirts and khakis, and sent them into banks to ask about small business loans. The results are disheartening, if not a big surprise.More

7 mistakes to avoid when choosing your business advisors — Part II
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Jason M. O'Dell, MS, CWM
In our many years as professionals, we have seen many clients make mistakes when choosing and working with their business advisors. From this experience, we have created a list of seven pitfalls to avoid. In Part I of this article, we examined four pitfalls common to business owners and executives. Here in Part II, we will describe the last three.More

The 5 questions successful people routinely ask themselves
Fast Company
While everyone has a different definition of professional success, the one thing all successful people share in common is a drive to be better than the day before. Whether you're looking for a new job, looking to make your company a success, or just reaching for the next rung on the career ladder, forward momentum is key.More

What steps do entrepreneurs take on the road to business startup?
How do small business owners gauge their success? A study by Manta and Dell polled entrepreneurs to find out how they measure their business milestones, what steps they took on the road to business startup and what motivated them to launch businesses in the first place.More

5 tips for content marketing plus social media success
Business 2 Community
Whether you're a recent college graduate, a small business owner, a start-up entrepreneur, or a digital marketer, there is a takeaway here for everyone. Read on to learn five quick and easy tips to enhance your content marketing approach and ultimately, achieve social media success. More