Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
Sep. 9, 2014

5 types of planning every small business needs to succeed
Business 2 Community
Small business entrepreneurs are familiar with startup planning, exit strategy planning and strategic planning. Of course, being familiar with and actually performing key business development planning are quite different. Entrepreneurs who excel at planning can quickly find themselves victims of their own planning process.More

Tips for small business owners who've shelved succession plans
Many small business owners know all too well what it is like to take risks, work long hours and juggle multiple priorities. But even many of the most successful of them drag their feet when it comes to succession planning, if they bother to do it at all.More

25 top YouTube channels for small business owners and entrepreneurs
Small Biz Trends
As Jonathan Davids, founder of influencer marketing platform Influicity recently explained to Small Business Trends contributor Brent Leary, YouTube is becoming an important place for brands to connect with customers. But it can also be an important place for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn more about building and running their companies correctly.More

Common small business brand traps to avoid
Business 2 Community
Building a small business brand has its challenges. But by avoiding these simple brand mistakes, you will save your business from brand failure.More

4 ways email marketing can help your small business
The Business Journals
When it comes to promoting your own business, word of mouth is often not enough to let your target market know about your products or special offers. That's where email marketing steps in. Because of ease of use and convenient functionality, email marketing helps you stay connected with your most loyal customers and boost the number of returning customers.More

Embracing change in business
By Catherine Iste
Regardless of industry or title, the one thing we all have to understand is the nature of change. In government, defense and law enforcement, sometimes it feels that change happens too slowly and we blame the bureaucracy and red tape. Oddly though, if something big happens externally, somehow our previously bureaucratic organizations seem to be able to respond quickly with new initiatives. Conversely, in the private sector, waves of words like entrepreneurial and innovation have inspired our CEOs to want organizational cultures that support and even create change. What skills and characteristics can we learn or embrace to be ready of the many faces of change? More

Puncturing the 3 newest myths about small business loans
Entrepreneur via NBC News
The small business lending landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. The days when you dressed in your Sunday best and nervously waited at the bank armed with 10 pounds of financial statements and profit projections are coming to a close.More

Small business owner's problem? Finding workers
The surprisingly low jobs growth for August may have raised questions about economic recovery, but one small business owner told CNBC that despite the fact that many people are still looking for work, his biggest issue is finding workers to hire. "The biggest problem we've got is finding people that want to work and finding people that have the appropriate skills," Larry Mocha, president of APSCO, said Friday in an interview.More