Range of Motion
Aug. 25, 2014

Presidential Candidates Q&A Tomorrow! Still Time to Register
It's almost time for our NATA presidential election, and we want to help you get to know the candidates! Join Russ Richardson, EdD, ATC, and Scott Sailor, EdD, ATC, for a live Q&A webinar at 11 a.m. CT on Aug. 26. You can also read their statements and watch the presentations they gave at NATA 2014 on the NATA Now blog. The election runs from Sept. 1-30. Voters will receive an email with their customized login, which will allow them to vote online.More

Platelet Rich Plasma Webinar
Scott Cheatham PT, DPT, ATC, will be presenting "Rehabilitation after Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Implications for the Health Professional," at 11 a.m. CT on Oct. 15. Despite the growing popularity of PRP in musculoskeletal medicine, there is a paucity of research that describes appropriate rehabilitation procedures following this intervention. This lecture will discuss the available evidence on rehabilitation after PRP injection for non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions.More

Last Week for NPI Contest
Where does your district stand in the NATA "Are You Being Counted" NPI Contest? The contest kicked off at convention and will close Aug. 31, so there is still time for you to apply for your NPI, be entered for a chance to win, and help your district finish in first place as the district with the highest percentage of members with a NPI, or the district with the largest increase of members with a NPI. Check out the midway standings of each district and more details on the contest at the NATA Now blog.More

Safe Sports Championship Ends Wednesday
Attention secondary school athletic trainers! Does your school practice safe sports? We're having a competition to see which district provides the safest environment for its athletes, and you can help your district win by applying for our Safe Sports School Award. The last day to submit all documentation will be Aug. 27. Find all of the contest details, including how to participate, on the NATA website.More

ATrack Renewal Deadline Sunday
Your ATrack subscription will expire Aug. 31, so renew now! You don't want to miss the benefits, including course matrix tracking, the online form generator, document portfolio system and student clinical experience hours tracking. NATA has created an online order form to make renewal easy.More

ATEC Registration Opens Next Month, With Early Bird Discount
ATEC and iLEAD will be returning to Dallas, Feb. 27–March 1, 2015. The Athletic Training Educator's Conference (ATEC) is the most valuable and one of the largest conferences for educators, program directors, preceptors and clinical coordinators. iLEAD is conducted for junior and senior students who are interested in learning more about leadership and in preparing to transition to the professional world of athletic training.More

Heat Affects More Than Players at High School Football Games
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Even with kickoff pushed back an hour because of extreme heat and humidity, the show still went on Friday night in Chesterfield, Missouri, as Parkway Central played its season-opening football game against Summit. Concern for the players' well-being was the reason the game, and many around the state, moved its start back to 8 p.m. instead of the regularly scheduled 7 p.m. More

More Athletic Trainers Being Hired in the Workplace
You've decided to take up a more active lifestyle. Along with talking to your doctor, you may also want to meet with an athletic trainer. They certainly train more than athletes. In fact, more of them are moving into the workplace. "There's actually a big push for athletic trainers to be working in industrial settings due to the work hardening that they have, meaning they are overusing certain body parts so they're doing things over and over," said athletic trainer Kara Werner.More

Seven Miles of Ankle Tape for Nebraska Cornhuskers
Lincoln Journal Star
Eight seasons with the Nebraska football team, 11 seasons with the Oakland Raiders and approximately 40,000 ankles later, Mark Mayer knows what it takes to get a football player ready for practice and a game. "Some guys take longer, depending on the extent of the ankle taping, but it usually takes just a couple of minutes," said Mayer. More

Opposition to NCAA Concussion Settlement Filed in Federal Court
USA Today
The lawyer for former San Diego State football player Anthony Nichols filed a formal objection to a proposed $75 million NCAA concussion settlement, arguing most current and former NCAA athletes would receive little from the settlement while giving up the right to seek personal injury damages on a class-wide basis. Jay Edelson, of Edelson PC in Chicago, filed the opposition in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. More

Players, Leagues Benefiting from South Carolina Sports Injury Study
The State
About 10 percent of players suffered injuries serious enough to seek treatment and about 3 percent were diagnosed with concussion-like symptoms, according to preliminary data from a two-year study of youth football programs in South Carolina's Midlands. To parents and league organizers, the data is less important than the medical attention given to the players as part of the study. More

Kansas School District Adopts New Protocol for Football Injuries
A new protocol for dealing with injuries and concussions are coming to high school football fields in Johnson County, Kansas. When a player goes down after a big hit, fans can expect to see the player's pads and helmet taken off to better assess the extent of possible injuries. The removal of the player's gear should not necessarily mean the player is seriously hurt. More

Escalating ACL Injuries Lead to Call for Screening and Prevention Programs
Daily Herald
Alarmed by the skyrocketing number of young athletes who get anterior cruciate ligament injuries, the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association and sports medicine physicians at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush are urging coaches and athletic directors to institute ACL injury screenings for all young athletes and prevention programs for those more vulnerable to ACL injuries.More

Athletic Trainers Offer Safety Tips to EMS Personnel in West Virginia
A move by a half-inch in either direction could have resulted in a more serious injury for a wrestler who suffered a cervical fracture last year at Martinsburg (West Virginia) High School. Instead, the athlete, who was from another school, was carefully placed on a board, taken to the hospital for treatment and was back in school a few days later, Martinsburg High School head athletic trainer Lauren Taylor recounted.More

Kids Take Longer to Recover From Concussions Than Adults
Youthful vitality doesn't always mean kids heal faster from concussions according to new research from Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix. The findings show that children and adolescents who suffer concussions heal slower than their adult counterparts. "On average, an adolescent will take 10 to 14 days to recover from a concussion," said Javier Cárdenas, medical director at Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Center. More

Villanova Engineers Create Personal Fitness Device
Newsworks.org via WCAU-TV
Researchers at Villanova University are jumping on the personal fitness monitoring craze to get more data on head injuries in sports. Assistant professor Ed Dougherty and his engineering students have come up with a wearable device that monitors everything from steps taken to the severity of hits to the head. More