Range of Motion
Sep. 4, 2012

Grant Opportunity from Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee
The NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee awards Ethnic Diversity Enhancement Grants (up to $5,000) to educational institutions seeking to enhance ethnic diversity within the athletic training profession. The first category includes programs intended to recruit, retain and educate ethnically diverse athletic training students, and the second category includes efforts to disseminate information relating to health care issues and conditions relevant to ethnically diverse populations. The next deadline to apply for an EDAC grant is Oct. 1, so get your application started now! More

Register Now: Medical Therapeutic Yoga Webinar
Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC, will present "Module 10.5 Holistic Rehabilitation: Medical Therapeutic Yoga for the Foot " at 11 a.m. CT on Sept. 20. Participants will examine five common mechanical dysfunctions that affect foot health and learn five medical therapeutic yoga methods for utilizing the conceptual model for evaluation and management of the foot. The cost is $15 for NATA members, and it is worth one CEU. Sign up now!More

We Need You!
NATA is looking for an athletic trainer who has experience working in a community health center to speak at a conference in Washington, D.C., in March 2013. For more details, please contact Jessica McDowell at 972-532-8830 or jessicam@nata.org.More

Fresh Off the Press: September NATA News
Open your September NATA News to read an interesting story about a professional baseball player's Compartment Syndrome and to check out your Fall Buyers' Guide. Also included in this issue are more answers to 2012 Face Time questions, a profile on John Mayes and a brand new document from the Executive Committee for Education addressing the future of athletic training education. Turn to the last page to see pictures of athletic trainers at the 2012 Summer Olympics! More

Support NATAPAC and See Michael Goldenberg SkyJump
District Two Director Mike Goldenberg, MS, ATC, will SkyJump from the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas during NATA's 2013 convention if he can raise $1,000 for NATAPAC! If you want to see him take the leap from 108 floors above, contribute a donation toward his fundraising goal. Be sure to properly attribute your donation to his SkyJump effort.More

Ankle Sprains Webinar
NATA is offering a new webinar series focusing on treatment techniques for lateral ankle sprains and ankle instability. The first installment in this series, "Module 1 — Ankle Sprains and Instability: What Are We Trying to Treat?" will be presented by Erik Winstrom, PhD, ATC, at 11 a.m. CT on Sept. 12. Participants will learn the mechanical consequences of a lateral sprain and its sequela, discuss the sensorimotor dysfunction caused by a lateral ankle sprain and understand the implications these consequences have for rehabilitation decisions. The cost is $15 for NATA members, and it is worth one CEU. Sign up now before space runs out!More

The Amputee Quarterback
The New York Times
Jeff Johnson, athletic trainer at Woodberry Forest School near Charlottesville, Va., knew it was bad even before he laid eyes on quarterback Jacob Rainey. "The screams were just overwhelming," Johnson said. "I still hear them." Rushing to Rainey's side, Johnson quickly realized that the injury was unlike any he'd seen. Rainey's lower right leg was dislocated at the knee and cocked at an impossible angle — "an obvious deformity," in Johnson's words. More

Legendary Houston Athletic Trainer Wilson Dies at 85
Houston Chronicle
Tom Wilson, whose legendary career as head athletic trainer at the University of Houston spanned five decades, passed away Friday. He was 85. Wilson was considered one of the early pioneers of UH athletics during a career from 1953 to 1993. During that time, Wilson worked with countless All-America athletes and was the architect of the football program's annual conditioning program that earned the nickname "Camp Fun."More

Illinois State Establishes Sports Therapy Clinic for Students
The Pantagraph via The Republic
A newly opened facility at Illinois State University will enable students to get rehabilitation treatment for orthopedic injuries while also providing clinical experience for students studying to be athletic trainers. The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy Clinic saw 10 students in its first week of operation, but Kevin Laudner, professor of kinesiology and recreation, expects that to grow to 10 or 12 a day as more people become aware of the clinic.More

Education Needed to Deal With Youth Sports Concussions
Boston Globe
Most experts agree that the best way to prevent concussions is education. Research indicates that youths are more susceptible to brain damage, and long-term problems appear more likely if an athlete returns to play before his or her brain has had a chance to heal. Females and younger athletes may take longer to recover from concussions, according to a study published in April in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.More

Heatstroke Deaths Prompt New High School Football Rules
Los Angeles Times
The August afternoon was a merciful one. The sky above Marietta, Ga., High School was overcast, and by 3:30 p.m., temperatures hovered in the low 80s as football practice began. Still, like high school football coaches all over Georgia, Marietta's coaches were leaving little to chance. Responsible for the health of the 100 students on the field, athletic trainer Jeff Hopp stood by a $2,500 sophisticated temperature gauge on the sidelines to measure the heat, humidity and solar radiation. More

Taking Steps to Protect Our Young Athletes
Tampa Bay Online
The grind of preseason practice is over and regular-season games are beginning for thousands of high school athletes across Florida. Those of us who serve on the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee for the Florida High School Athletic Association will be watching closely to see how well measures implemented this year help protect the health and safety of young men and women representing their schools in fall sports.More

Fall Sports: Staying Active While Being Safe for the Season
PRNewswire via redOrbit
Summer is coming to an end, and it won't be long before athletes and sports enthusiasts take to the field to play soccer, football, volleyball or some other fall sport. Staying active is ideal for building strong bones. That is why the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the STOP Sports Injuries campaign is urging everyone to stay active, but to keep safety first when engaging in these activities.More

Some Georgia Football Teams Increase Safety Protocols Involving Concussions
The Augusta Chronicle
As another high school football season begins, some teams in Aiken County, Ga., are increasing their efforts to keep players safe. Emergency medical technicians and athletic trainers have long been a part of gameday staffs, but high school athletes are getting more access to athletic trainers this year. Certified athletic trainer Ashle Cooper, entering her eighth season assisting the Midland Valley football team, not only covers the Mustangs' sideline but is now at the school full-time.More

A Jarring Trend
Austin Daily Herald
They used to call it getting your bell rung or a jarring hit. Now the definition is a little more serious — it's a concussion. Concussions didn't used to be considered possible unless someone was knocked out, but that's changed. A concussion — a mild brain injury that occurs when a violent motion causes the head to move in a rapid position where the brain moves inside the skull — is more common in high school football than any other prep sport.More

Hip Might Be Source of Back, Knee Pain
Lansing State Journal
You stand up from your chair at work and your lower back starts grumbling. You decide to take a walk down the hall and before you know it, your knees ache, too. What gives? The answer might have little to do with your back or knees. The pain could be linked to your hips, in particular a group of muscles called the hip flexors that are in use when we climb stairs, run, dance and play soccer and even do resistance training.More