Range of Motion
Dec. 17, 2012

Last Chance to Attend ATEC/iLead
This is your last chance to register for ACES, ATEC or iLead! Athletic training educators will want to attend ATEC for engaging learning and networking opportunities, while students involved in leadership will be interested in attending the iLead conference. Registration for both events ends Friday, Dec. 21.

In addition, students planning to take the BOC exam for certification in the next nine months will want to attend the ACES Preparatory Workshop. Registration for ACES ends Jan. 1.

Be sure to sign up today!More

New Webinar on Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in January
Dr. Robert Kersey PhD, ATC, CSCS, will be presenting "NATA Position Statement: Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids" at noon CT on Jan. 15. The presentation summarizes the best available, peer-reviewed, evidence regarding anabolic-androgenic steroids. Sub-topics include defining these compounds, clarifying their efficacy related to anabolism and performance, briefly discussing AAS abuse epidemiology, identifying concerns with AAS abuse, as well as suggesting possible interventions for prevention and treatment.More

The Pan Pacific Conference of Medicine and Science in Sport
This is a unique international conference situated in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, hosted by the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta. Our purpose is to gather professionals from the sport, recreation and health areas to Share, Unite and Engage. This is a great opportunity to network and indulge in up-to-date research in the sport medicine field. For information, please visit our website or contact Barb Adamson, Executive Director, SMCA.More

Nominations Open for College/University Awards
The College/University Athletic Trainers' Committee awards are open for nominations. Nominate a deserving athletic trainer for one of eight awards in the following categories: Head Athletic Trainer — NCAA Division 1; Head Athletic Trainer — NCAA Division 2; Head Athletic Trainer — NCAA Division 3; Head Athletic Trainer — NAIA; Head Athletic Trainer — Junior College/Community College; Assistant Athletic Trainer of Year; Above and Beyond Award and New Horizon Award. The deadline for nominations is Jan. 31. More

ECE Chair Search
The Executive Committee for Education Chair position becomes available in June 2013. The ECE is charged with developing direction and policy for NATA's educational programs. The chair administers and coordinates the ECE and its current subgroups: Professional Education Committee, Post-professional Education Committee and the Continuing Education Committee. Electronic applications are due Jan. 18. Send the electronic application to anitaj@nata.org. More

New Athletic Training Education Journal Online
The latest edition of the Athletic Training Education Journal is online. Read the original research about how leadership is positively related to athletic training students' clinical behaviors. An article about the use of cloud technology in athletic training education is also included.More

Despite Cuts, Push for Athletic Trainers in Schools is Strong
Buffalo Business First
Medical attention for student-athletes has become a hot-button issue in recent years, especially with increasing awareness about concussions. But experts acknowledge tough decisions by some schools that have tight budgets, even when numerous students are playing extracurricular sports. "It is essential," said Aimee Brunelle of the New York State Athletic Trainers' Association. "But in these economic times it becomes very difficult."More

Tradition vs. Safety in NFL Debate
The Globe and Mail
Steve Tasker is 50 and has been retired from the NFL for 15 years. Tasker was one of the greatest special-teams players in league history as a kickoff returner, and, more notably, on kick coverage. He loved covering kicks, which he calls "a train wreck of a play," loved it so much that he used to say the world would be a better place if everyone got to cover a kickoff once a week. Now, he says he e would prefer that nobody ever has to do it again.More

Body Image Issues Aren't Just for Girls Anymore
Times Free Press
It's a long-held fact of life that adolescent and teenage girls are constant mirror-gazers, obsessed with such body-image details as looks and weight. And now so are the boys. But unlike girls, who want to get thin, most boys want to bulk up. According to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, more than 40 percent of boys in middle and high school say they regularly exercise with the goal of increasing muscle mass. More

Former Giants Linebacker Doing All He Can for Concussion Awareness
Nearly 4,000 former NFL players are suing the league over concussions, claiming they were purposely misled about the dangers of brain injury. But even though he suffered about a dozen concussions during his Hall of Fame career and still deals with symptoms from post-concussion syndrome, former Giants linebacker Harry Carson isn't one of them. He doesn't want the NFL's money. He does want the league's attention.More

Energy Drinks not as Effective as Coffee
Energy drinks, purported to provide mental or physical stimulation, aren't better than coffee. Caffeine is the only effective performance-boosting ingredient in energy drinks, suggests a new research. A study published in the Nutrition Review journal states that key ingredients of energy drinks such as taurine, guarana and ginseng may not boost performance. More

Ohio Looks at Rules on Youth Sports Head Injuries
The Associated Press via Sandusky Register
Armed with more evidence about the dangers of head injuries, state lawmakers approved the new rules that Ohio Gov. John Kasich agreed to sign into a law aimed at protecting young athletes. The new rules apply to youth sports organizations outside of the Ohio High School Athletic Association schools, which already have their own guidelines. More than two dozen states have restrictions on when young athletes can participate after a head injury.More