Jan. 27, 2015

NCEA-sponsored Prep Class - Saturday, Feb. 28

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
Pre-Congress - Miami Beach, Florida

Saturday, Feb. 28 • Room D 236
• Members - $125
• Nonmembers - $149



Membership status must be current on day of event.

Additional NCEA-sponsored Prep Classes:
April 25 - Dallas
Sept. 19 - Long Beach, California
Oct. 24 - Philadelphia

Coming soon to your Virginia nail salon, barbershop: A wine or a beer?
Washington Business Journal
Want to drink while you get primped? The Virginia General Assembly may soon allow salon and barbershop customers in the commonwealth to do just that. A bill introduced by Del. Manoli Loupassi, R-Richmond, would allow the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to grant liquor licenses to nail and hair salons.More

Stress-busting at spas the in-thing in India
The Hindu
Spa culture is gaining ground in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India, with denizens looking for places to rejuvenate after a week of stressful work to be ready for yet another faced-paced week. The change in people's lifestyle is evident from the number of spas mushrooming in every nook and corner of the city, offering, among other services, herbal therapies in a cozy environment. "Ayurveda offers cure to lifestyle diseases for which there is no permanent cure in allopathy," points out Dr. G. Padmajathi, senior medical officer at the Government Ayurvedic Hospital.More

Albuquerque spa entrepreneurs go from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Urban Fresh'
Albuquerque Business First
Keith and André West-Harrison gained attention for selling a retail line of bath products by leveraging the popularity of the hit television series "Breaking Bad." Their product line — Bathing Bad — has been selling for many months, even though the filmed-in-Albuquerque series that ended in 2014.More

3 consumer-centric trends your business needs to know
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Now that the New Year's bell has stopped ringing, predicted trends for 2015 are stepping forward to steal the spotlight. While your business is penning this year's goals, be sure you're moving in the right direction. In order to increase sales, customer acquisition and traffic, your business needs to be communicating with shoppers in the way that works best for them. Read on to learn the three biggest marketing trends to help you better connect with your customers and make 2015 the most successful year yet.More

Are you indispensable to your customers?
By Adrian Davis
As you look at your customer base, are there any customers who really can't do without you? If not, you could be in big trouble. Our economy is fragile, and it is no longer sheltered from the unpredictable upheavals overseas. Anything that happens anywhere in the world can cause an economic downturn in North America, resulting in difficult financial challenges for your customers. The easiest way to deal with these challenges is to simply stop paying suppliers. Sometimes that means altogether, and other times, it means delaying payments until cash flow improves. Either way, it means trouble for you.More

3 marketing myths that make millennials hate your brand
There is an old belief that drives most brands marketing strategies to millennials: 18-24-year-olds don't have disposable income. The problem is that this belief forces a brand to run discounts and gimmicks, or to focus on the cheapest entry level product within the brand. However, the assumption is not true across the board, and it's especially not true with the group of millennials who are driving trends. More

Mobile becoming a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies
Small Business News from
By now, most small and medium-sized business owners understand that the mobile channel plays an important role in marketing success. But a recent Salesforce study shows that 2015 may be the year mobile turns the corner as marketers begin to see mobile as the channel that holds the rest of their digital marketing strategies together. More

House dust mite reduction, avoidance measures for treating eczema
The Cochrane Library
To assess the effects of all house dust mite reduction and avoidance measures for the treatment of eczema.More

10 medical treatments you can get on cruise ships
You take a cruise to get away from it all. But while you're vacationing, why not focus on a better you? That's the theory behind the medical spa phenomenon on many big cruise ships.More

Spafinder Wellness spotlights key industry
Spa Opportunities
Spafinder Wellness 365 has published its 12th edition of the annual Top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast for 2015 — including medical spa prescriptions for cannabis, spas targeting jet-lagged travelers and an increase in Islamic wellness rituals beyond hammams and argan oil.More

Keeping students on board with concept maps
Faculty Focus
The benefits of concept maps are well established. They encourage students to organize knowledge and do so in ways meaningful to them. They help students sort out, prioritize, and understand relationships between terms, concepts, and ideas. Students can also use concept maps to forge relationships between new knowledge and what they already know. More

Continuing education credits
Did you know? … It is the position of the NCEA that:

All states that regulate esthetician licensees should mandate a minimum of 12 hours of Continuing Education credits (CEUs) before an esthetician can renew their license. More