Feb. 10, 2015

NCEA-sponsored Prep Class - Saturday, Feb. 28

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
Pre-Congress - Miami Beach, Florida

Saturday, Feb. 28 • Room D 236
• Members - $125
• Nonmembers - $149



Membership status must be current on day of event.

Additional NCEA-sponsored Prep Classes:
April 25 - Dallas
Sept. 19 - Long Beach, California
Oct. 24 - Philadelphia

Facilities and service top priorities for spa goers
Professional Beauty Management
Quality of facilities is the main factor that attracts people to choose a particular spa, closely followed by good customer service, according to a consumer survey by U.K.-based The Good Spa Guide. The survey, conducted in November, found that great facilities, including pools and experience showers, is a priority for 93 percent of spa-goers. This was closely followed excellent customer service, which was ranked as an important factor for 85 percent of respondents.More

The best face masks for every skin condition
Face masks are super buzzy right now in the beauty space, but with so many brands, ingredients and labels touting benefits, it's easy to get confused. In case you're unfamiliar, face masks are skin treatments that aren't absorbed like a moisturizer, oil or serum, but rather sit on the surface for a time. And, trust us, there's one out there for any skin condition you're dealing with.More

5 anti-aging tips that are mostly fiction
The Huffington Post
Whether it's noticing that your hair is turning gray or realizing that your wrinkles aren't just from sleeping with your face smushed into the pillow, many of us have panicked at the prospect of aging, desperate for any "cure" or fix-it within reach. For some, that may mean shelling out the big bucks for fancy department store creams whereas for others that may mean buying into commonly perpetuated anti-aging tips. To help you out, we got to the bottom of five pieces of anti-aging advice that aren't really so helpful after all.More

Study: In-app service linked to customer satisfaction
A new study indicates mobile, specifically apps, may be more important to brands than many have thought. For the past couple of years, experts have insisted that mobile websites need to be optimized and mobile data needs to be cultivated, but new data out from Contact Solutions is linking app service to customer experience, as well.More

Sonal Uberoi: Top 10 spa business trends for 2015
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Sonal Uberoi, director of Spa Business Consulting, outlines the top 10 spa business trends for 2015 to stay ahead of the curve, exclusively in Spa Opportunities.More

Words can boost or block your business
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"To be successful, you have to be unique," Walt Disney once said. "You have to be so different that, if people want what you have, they have to come to you to get it." Establishing your uniqueness, and differentiating your company depends a lot on the words you choose to use. How you describe your services and yourselves may well determine the quality and quantity of clients you attract.More

Email marketing: 5 benefits and 10 success-driving tips
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Email marketing isn't dead. The average office employee receives about 80 emails per day, and it's expected there will be more than 4.9 billion email accounts by 2017. With that kind of volume it's suffice to say that email is a communication and marketing tool with great potential. However, in recent years, with the increase in junk email and spam, many are calling into question the use of email campaigns as an effective marketing strategy. More

Get more media coverage for your brand with these 4 proven tricks
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No doubt your business has set ambitious goals for the year. Whether you want to grow your user base or net more sales, public relations can help. PR gets respected media contacts to endorse your brand or tell your story to a large audience. Positive stories often trigger a huge surge in sales, Web traffic and social media followers. Use these four public relations tricks to get more media coverage and all the good that comes with it.More

Complementary therapies for acne vulgaris
The Cochrane Library
People with acne often turn to complementary and alternative medicine, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and dietary modifications, because of their concerns about the adverse effects of conventional medicines. However, evidence for CAM therapies has not been systematically assessed.More

Creating the perfect treatment room combination
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa
Skin resurfacing is big business and it's only expected to grow. This isn't new, however, the way in which clients achieve youthful results has been greatly enhanced. Demand for laser, light therapy and other noninvasive procedures is on the rise.More

Recovering from Super Bowl 2015: 3 of Scottsdale, Arizona's best luxury spas
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Scottsdale, Arizona, just 20 miles from University of Phoenix Stadium, the site of this year's epic battle, is home to some of the most luxurious resort spas in the world.More

How improv can open up the mind to learning
Improvisation is being used as a way to help students and educators feel supported, open up to new ideas and think on their feet.More

Esthetician Apprenticeship Definition
NCEA considers esthetician apprenticeship to be theoretical and practical training provided by a supervising licensed esthetician, other than in or part of the curriculum of a state-approved licensed school.More