Apr. 14, 2015

NCEA-sponsored Prep Class — April 25

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
April 26-27
Arlington Convention Center
Dallas, TX

Saturday, April 25

• Members: $125 • Nonmembers: $149


Membership status must be current on day of event.

Additional NCEA-sponsored Prep Classes:
May 30 - Orlando, Florida
June 20 - Las Vegas
Sept. 19 - Long Beach, California
Oct. 24 - Philadelphia


Introducing new technology
One of the things that makes the medical aesthetics industry so exciting is the near constant influx of new technologies, new techniques and new research related to cosmetic enhancement and anti-aging. Virtually every aspect of what was considered "state of the art" 10 years ago has changed — not once, but many times. More

Luxury hotel operators embrace Buddhist monk-led spa programming
Spa Opportunities
A number of luxury hotel operators around the world are enhancing their spa offerings by inviting Buddhist monks to carry out meditation classes and teach guests ayurvedic wellness rituals. More

How the day spa scene evolved from more than just a rub or facial
Remember when you went to a day spa for a facial and maybe a massage or both or added a body scrub, like they do at Burk Williams, Ole Henrikson, etc. Well, today, the whole day spa scene has evolved and you no longer get just any facial but a full-rejuvenating, machine-operated treatment.More

Microneedling in the esthetic practice
Skin Inc.
Though the name initially may be off-putting to clients unfamiliar with the treatment, microneedling is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures for skin resurfacing. Also commonly referred to as collagen induction therapy, it is proving highly valuable in its ability to improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the overall appearance of the skin. More

Dealing with underachieving employees
By Billy Arcement
In today's competitive work environment, leaders are charged with maximizing employee productivity, minimizing costs and improving profits — not always an easy task keeping all three going well. Among the monitoring responsibilities, people performance is high on the list. So, how should a leader approach an employee who is clearly underachieving and impacting productivity, costs and profits?More

Will Google's newest algorithm change affect your business?
By Emma Fitzpatrick
I know, I know. You've heard Google cry "Algorithm change!" before, and it seemed like nothing happened. But this time it's different. Unlike the last few updates, Google has said their newest algorithm change is going to be one of the biggest to date. Starting April 21, Google is going to penalize any websites that aren't optimized for mobile devices. If your site is already optimized for mobile, you're golden. If not, you've got some work to do. Luckily, you've got time to make it happen.More

6 ways to market your business for less than $100
For large brands with big marketing and advertising budgets, one or even several hundred dollars is just a drop in the monthly marketing budget. But for entrepreneurs and small business owners, every dollar counts — and investments need to pay off in real and immediate marketing ROI. More

Mobile payments become marketing tool
Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal are fast becoming marketing tools for brands and merchants soliciting consumer loyalty. The service continues to gain traction during recent months, with competition heating up between Apple Pay and Google Wallet as they rush to add key integrations with a variety of merchants.More

Proteomic identification of allergenic seed proteins, napin, cruciferin from cold-pressed rapeseed oils
The Cochrane Library
Gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with a wide range of adverse health consequences for women and their babies in the short and long term. With an increasing prevalence of GDM worldwide, there is an urgent need to assess strategies for GDM prevention, such as combined diet and exercise interventions.More

Separation of skin care from the cosmetology scope of practice
Did you know? NCEA's position that ... skin care should be independent from the cosmetology scope of practice and license.More

Topical treatment for facial burns
The Cochrane Library
Burn injuries are an important health problem. They occur frequently in the head and neck region - the area central to a person's identity, that provides our most expressive means of communication. Topical interventions are currently the cornerstone of treatment of partial-thickness burns to the face.More

Using choice to motivate and differentiate
By Savanna Flakes
Choice is one of the greatest motivators and also one of the most powerful tools in setting up a differentiated classroom. Who doesn't love choose? As adults, we prefer to have choice in our staff book studies, professional development and class schedules. Likewise, choice provides students many options to navigate content and show their mastery of material. Choice boards are one of the greatest strategies I have found to be beneficial in supporting student learning in differentiated classrooms.More

Teachers share how they use Google in classroom lessons
eSchool News
Did you know you can see all your copy/paste history in Chrome in a click? Bookmark all your browser tabs at once? Create choose your own adventures in Google Slides? More than half a dozen Google Certified Teachers recently descended on Palm Springs, California, to share their favorite tips, tricks, add-ons and extensions during a packed session at the Annual CUE 2015 conference.More

Ultrasound Position
Did you know? NCEA's position that ...

  1. Low frequency, low power, ultrasound and sonic devices intended for skin cleansing, exfoliation and product application, should be used by a "licensed professionals."
  2. There shall be a minimum level of education for the use of low frequency, low power ultrasound and sonic devices.
  3. If licensed professionals wish to use low frequency, low-power ultrasound and sonic devices, they should take the necessary licensing education to include theoretical and practical application as part of their core curriculum or as continuing education modules.