May. 14, 2013

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The discounted prep class fee of $125 has even been extended up until June 1. To register, please call 800-335-7469.More

Reiki: How the no-touch therapy has made its mark
The Telegraph
The basic idea is that we are surrounded by a vast pool of cosmic energy, which, although invisible, can be summoned and directed by a trained healer, and funneled into the patient's body through entry points called chakras. The "massage" consists of placing the hands lightly on the chakras, or simply holding them over the body to guide the energy in.More

Alternative therapies
CE Article from the NCEA
COA#NCEAALTTHER9S | Exp. 7/1/2015
This educational activity has been approved for 2.0 CEs. After completing this interactive alternative therapies the skin care professional will be able to:

  • Evaluate the role that alternative therapies play in overall well-being
  • Describe and identify types of alternative therapies
  • Understand the value of ayurvedic facial treatments and ingredients
  • Summarize the different chakras and their associated element and colorMore

    After raid on spas, business owners hope for more regulation
    The Troy Record
    Laura Bull, a massage therapist who runs Massage For You in Bennington, Vt., said she is pleased the two spas were raided by law enforcement officials for alleged illegal activity. Such places shed a negative light on massage therapists who have studied and received licenses in other states, she said. Vermont invites disreputable operations, however, because the state does not license massage therapists or regulate the practice in any wayMore

    FDA proposes new tanning bed requirements, including skin cancer warnings
    The FDA issued a proposal that would reclassify sunlamp products from a low-risk device to a moderate-risk device and would require labeling to include a recommendation warning young people not to use the devices.More

    The Great Gatsby makeup: How Carey Mulligan became Daisy Buchanan
    F. Scott Fitgerald didn't actually spend much time describing Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. He may have hinted that she had dark, glossy hair, but in Baz Luhrmann's new movie version, out this Friday, Carey Mulligan's Daisy is an ash blonde. True to the original text, however, she's a total stunner. Makeup artist Maurizio Silvi and hairstylist Kerry Warn told us how they turned Mulligan into the woman of Jay Gatsby's dreams.More

    Navigating anti-aging ingredients to find the right ones for your clients
    Skin Inc.
    As a skin care professional, it is your job to recommend the proper ingredients for clients based on several factors, including skin type, skin conditions, lifestyle choices, allergies and medical history. Every client has different tolerances to various skin care formulations because of the way skin responds to ingredients differently, so it often takes trial and error to find which ingredients benefit each individual client.More

    For women leaders, likability and success hardly go hand-in-hand
    Harvard Business Review
    In their blog post, "New Research Shows Success Doesn't Make Women Less Likable," Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman conclude from their analysis of assessments of men and women leaders who have come through their leadership program that "likability and success actually go together remarkably well for women."More

    How to increase your social media ROI
    American Express OPEN Forum
    While social media is clearly here to stay, a recent Manta poll reveals that 61 percent of the small-business owners surveyed have yet to see a return on investment from the effort. Was that time wasted? Not necessarily. The takeaway from the survey: Social media success — the number of business opportunities that come from online platforms — can't be calculated simply by looking at the time invested in social media. How and where that time is invested may be more important.More

    3 ways to perform SEO on a shoestring budget
    Small Business Trends
    Comprehensive content marketing plans can be very expensive to execute, and for many small businesses a hefty monthly retainer to "do SEO right" might not be a legitimate possibility. So what can a small business that's on a budget do to improve their search rankings without exposing themselves to a high level of short-term risk?More

    Using technology to fight cheating in online education
    Los Angeles Times
    While Jennifer Clay was at home taking an online exam for her business law class, a proctor a few hundred miles away was watching her every move. Using a webcam mounted in Clay's Los Angeles apartment, the monitor in Phoenix tracked how frequently her eyes shifted from the computer screen and listened for the telltale sounds of a possible helper in the room.More

    Report: Teacher pay hurt by recession
    The New York Times
    According to a report, the vast majority of teachers in the nation's largest school districts took a pay cut or saw their pay frozen at least one year between 2008 and 2012. The report by the National Council on Teacher Quality, a nonprofit group that advocates for tougher teacher standards, looked at salary data across 41 of the country's 50 largest school districts.More

    Fear of acupuncture enhances sympathetic activation to stimulation
    Kyung Hee University via PubMed
    Acupuncture treatment frequently evokes both pain and fear, causing patients to be hesitant about undergoing the procedure. This study investigated individual differences in autonomic response to acupuncture stimulation and its relationship to fear of the procedure.More

    Washington state passes new licensing law for estheticians
    Skin Inc.
    A bit of context for the need for law change in Washington state. Estheticians are increasingly being hired by doctors, medical spas and clinics. They cost less than nurses and ARNPs, and their subject expertise is skin.More

    How Ellen Clark built a multimillion-dollar skin care empire
    The Next Women
    Specializing in chemical peeling, anti-aging treatments and custom-formulated skin care products, Ellen Clark started a regional skincare distribution company while continuing to maintain solid traffic in her two clinics.More

    Hyperpigmentation and ethnic skin
    Presented by Anji Woods
    This class will analyze melanocyte function and discuss the different types of hyperpigmentation in the various ethnic skin types. It will also provide the teacher with a better understanding of skin care interventions and medical treatments currently available to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

    At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Review and discussion of melanin and the function of melanocytes
  • Discuss and define the different types of hyperpigmentation
  • Examine why skin of color has a tendency toward hyperpigmentation
  • Define post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

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    Use of esthetician titles
    It is NCEA's position that:

  • Estheticians represent themselves according to their licensed title, as designated by their state licensing board or regulatory agency
  • Estheticians must not promote themselves or allow any employer to market them otherwise

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