May. 28, 2013

Join the NCEA for its Orlando prep class June 1

A prep class is an interactive study group that allows the candidate to further their knowledge development. It's an excellent way to "brush-up" on skills and develop a nurturing mentor relationship with your instructor. It also provides more interaction than if you've only used the self-study method.

The discounted prep class fee of $125 has even been extended up until June 1. To register, please call 800-335-7469. More

New book helps spa managers go green
A new book by spa industry veteran Shelley Lotz, "Green Spas And Salons: How To Make Your Business Truly Sustainable," helps owners and managers develop smart, sustainable practices for long-term business success. This unique guidebook summarizes business practices, sustainability principles and green building all in one. The book sifts through the "green hype" to focus on best practices.

Planning guides with personalized action plans, how-to steps and worksheets are included. Tools are given for evaluating services, products, supplies, operations and building elements. Ideas for staff engagement, client needs and marketing are incorporated, along with the science and the economics of sustainability.More

Exactly how to steal Liv Tyler's ridiculously glowy skin
In what might be one of the greatest beauty interviews of all time, Tyler drops precious golden nuggets of primping wisdom so that we all can attempt to copy her naturally smoldering look. From her penchant for bathing in hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts — both of which apparently aid in detoxification — to her face mask wardrobe and her unique method of applying perfume, our beauty-stalker minds are blown.More

Makeup for men is no longer taboo
The Daily Beast
Androgyny is once again in fashion, and just in time: the long arm of gender equality has extended its reach past the boardrooms and into our bathrooms. American consumers spent over $5 billion on men's grooming products last year, over half of which went into skin care and cosmetics. By becoming attuned to the beauty industry, men are now openly availing themselves of the same opportunities afforded to women.More

Spa breaks for chemotherapy patients
Zest via Yahoo! UK
A new line of spa breaks cater specifically to cancer patients. If you're currently undergoing chemotherapy as treatment for cancer and want to visit a spa, there are a few things you need to know to keep yourself safe. While facials, manicures and pedicures are perfectly fine, more invasive treatments, such as massages or body wraps, get a little trickier. This is because depending on your individual case, massages could possibly cause the cancer cells to spread, while body wraps could draw chemotherapy drugs out of the body.More

5 secrets for motivating your staff
American Express OPEN Forum
Running a small business means relying on others to make your dreams come true, and the quality of your team's work will match the quality of how you motivate them. The following five secrets for motivating staff are the same ones used by pros throughout the business world. Don't use them like a checklist, though. Consider them springboards for personalized motivation that will best fit the personalities of your workforce.More

Tomorrow's leaders will be flexible, selfless and ready to collaborate
Fast Company
Those are the findings of an exhaustive study that asked 64,000 people in 13 countries to identify qualities they want in those at the top. Here, one of the report's co-authors examines what that means for the future of leadership.More

How to manage your reputation in the digital age
Skin Inc.
In Debra Locker's nearly two decades in communications, she's never seen things move so quickly in terms of gaining journalists' attention and consumers' dollars. If you are doing things the way you've always done them, stop! Now is the time to get the biggest bang for your time and your PR dollars.More

5 signs your social media campaign violates permission marketing basics
Business 2 Community
Many marketers believe that social marketing is permission marketing by default. If following a company on Facebook or Twitter doesn't equal explicit permission, then what does? But there are certain things social marketers do nowadays that violate permission marketing principles, which leads to poor results — such as nobody wanting to engage with you.More

Oral evening primrose oil and borage oil for eczema
Cochrane Skin Group
Constant itch makes life uncomfortable for those with this condition, no matter what age they are, so it may have a significant effect on a person's quality of life. To assess the effects of oral evening primrose oil or borage oil for treating the symptoms of atopic eczema.More

How Ellen Clark built a multimillion-dollar skin care empire
The Next Women
Specializing in chemical peeling, anti-aging treatments and custom-formulated skin care products, Ellen Clark started a regional skincare distribution company while continuing to maintain solid traffic in her two clinics.More

Reiki: How the no-touch therapy has made its mark
The Telegraph
The basic idea is that we are surrounded by a vast pool of cosmic energy, which, although invisible, can be summoned and directed by a trained healer, and funneled into the patient's body through entry points called chakras. The "massage" consists of placing the hands lightly on the chakras, or simply holding them over the body to guide the energy in.More

What Adobe's move to the creative cloud means for schools
EdTech Magazine
Software maker Adobe surprised the tech world when it announced that it would stop selling box sets of its popular Creative Suite design software, including Acrobat and Photoshop, in favor of a subscription-based service available through its Creative Cloud. More

With tech tools, how should teachers tackle multitasking in class?
Important research compiled on the effects of students multitasking while learning shows that they are losing depth of learning, getting mentally fatigued, and are weakening their ability to transfer what they have learned to other subjects and situations. Educators as well as students have noticed how schoolwork suffers when attention is split between homework and a buzzing smartphone. Many students, like Alex Sifuentes, who admit to multitasking while studying, know the consequences well.More

Manual lymphatic massage — A must-have component of facial procedure education
Presented by Natalia Doran
The lymphatic system was briefly mentioned by Hippocrates as early as the fifth century BC, this part of the human anatomy has remained a scientific enigma well into the twentieth century. This presentation will explain the anatomy and components of lymphatic system as well as the benefits and appropriate usage of lymphatic massage during facial procedures.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Explain the anatomical systems affected by facial massage
  • Evaluate the benefits of manual massage
  • Discuss the components of proper technique
  • Identify appropriate use of massage during facial procedures

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    Esthetician internship/externship definition
    NCEA considers esthetician internships and externships to be those that are part of the curriculum of a state-approved licensed school.

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