Jun. 4, 2013

How did work-life balance in the US get so awful?
The Atlantic
The OECD Better Life Index feeds the American instinct toward both jingoism and self-deprecation. In housing access and family wealth, it concludes that the U.S. really is the best country in the world. But we rank 28th among advanced nations in the category of "work-life balance," ninth from the bottom. This raises a thorny question: If we're so rich, why are we working so hard that we don't even have time to cherish the fruits of our productivity?More

Black diamonds are new skin care craze
VideoBriefBrits are clamoring over a new beauty craze, and this precious product comes from a surprising source. It's a face serum and lotion made with black diamonds, and 4,000 people are already on the wait list.More

Marine ingredients: The future of skin care
Skin Inc.
Scientists believe the first cell life to form on earth was a marine bacteria, or a very simple single-cell algae. Now, 3.8 billion years later on a planet with diverse marine and terrestrial plant content, microalgae species are the future of topical skin and body care products. What can these plants from the ocean do to answer the demands of spa-savvy clients?More

The best anti-aging skincare tips for men
Sad as it may be, the truth is that there is not a single product in the market that can reverse the signs of aging. However, with the help of these best anti-aging skin care tips for men, you can make all the difference between aging and aging gracefully.More

5 tips for achieving the natural 'no makeup' look
When it comes to makeup, most women prefer a natural, "no makeup" makeup look. Featuring advice from a variety of makeup artists and beauty gurus, this new approach to foundation is all you need to perk up sallow skin and feign a flawless "no makeup" makeup look. More

Do you really need a toner?
While we love the refreshing aspect of a toner, we were less sure about its other benefits. So we spoke to Erin Gilbert, a New York City dermatologist, and Ruthie Harper, M.D., of the Laser and Skincare Clinic in Austin and founder of SkinShift Skin Care, to find out more.More

What to do when you don't have all the answers
Leaders are supposed to be all knowing — at least when it comes to their own company — aren't they? That's why the three most hated words in leadership are simply: "I don't know." No one is expected to have all the answers. Still, many leaders are unwilling to admit when they don't know something about their business.More

US government to pay $3 million in back fees to small businesses
Small Business Trends
The U.S. federal government owes 1,281 small businesses approximately $3 million collectively in termination fees. The small businesses are ones that were approved to sell to the government on the GSA's Multiple Award Schedule, but had their contracts terminated.More

10 ways to improve your email marketing
Most brands have a "pretty decent" email marketing program, but could it be better? Take a look at these 10 things to try and improve your engagement.More

5 reasons you can no longer afford to ignore Google Plus for business
Small Business Trends
When you consider that Google Plus is the brainchild of the world's most powerful search engine, is it really the brightest strategy to ignore Google Plus for business?More

Massage therapy for patients with metastatic cancer
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine via PubMed
The study objectives were to determine the feasibility and effects of providing therapeutic massage at home for patients with metastatic cancer. A significant improvement was found in the quality of life of the patients who received massage therapy after a one-week follow-up, but the difference was not sustained at one month.More

Reiki: How the no-touch therapy has made its mark
The Telegraph
The basic idea is that we are surrounded by a vast pool of cosmic energy, which, although invisible, can be summoned and directed by a trained healer, and funneled into the patient's body through entry points called chakras. The "massage" consists of placing the hands lightly on the chakras, or simply holding them over the body to guide the energy in.More

Exactly how to steal Liv Tyler's ridiculously glowy skin
From her penchant for bathing in hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts — both of which apparently aid in detoxification — to her face mask wardrobe and her unique method of applying perfume, our beauty-stalker minds are blown.More

The persistent appeal of technology in learning
Dr. Victor Frankenstein loved technology, and Mary Shelley's work of fiction was at once a cautionary and promotional tale of technology's incredible potential. In the iconic story, he took the pieces of a human being and stitched them together to create something monstrous — but in many ways more human than the model he was hoping to produce. Who doesn't love a little irony? Education loves technology, too — and for good reason.More

Are student loans ruining the economy?
U.S. News & World Report
It's no secret tuition increases are straining the finances of young adults. Student loan debt has nearly tripled over the last eight years. The total amount of money in student loans owed by Americans is more than $1 trillion and has exceeded credit card balances. Just how long can young adults sustain steep increases in tuition?More

How to teach your students about aromatherapy
Presented by Crystal Baldwin
This presentation will you give you the confidence to teach your students about aromatherapy and its applications in the treatment room. At the conclusion of this class you will be able discuss how professional essential oils are made and how to compare and contrast singled notes vs. blended oils.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Identify the origins of essential oils and recognize individuals who made significant contributions in the field of aromatherapy
  • Apply the use of essential oils in their practice
  • Discuss how essential oils are produced, and explain purity and chemical variations
  • Differentiate methods of application in the treatment room and be able to select the correct choice for the best outcome

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    Chemical exfoliation procedures
    It is the position of the NCEA that:

  • Chemical exfoliation procedures should be performed by estheticians
  • In addition to manufacturer supplied , product specific education, estheticians shall complete a course of study equivalent to that recommended by the NCEA
  • If estheticians wish to perform chemical exfoliation procedures, they should take the necessary education to include theoretical and practical application as part of their core curriculum or as continuing education modules

    Disclaimer: The NCEA recommends that estheticians abide by federal, state and local regulations. Download complimentary PowerPoint entitled, "Advocating for your Profession." More