Jun. 9, 2015

Spas focusing on maintenance treatments to stay competitive
Professional Beauty
City spas need to put more focus on maintenance treatments, such as waxing and manicures, to stay competitive, according to Resense chief executive Kasha Shillington. Shillington, whose company operates 26 spas worldwide, said bridging the gap between salon basics and indulgent spa rituals was the key to repeat business in city spas.More

Global Wellness Day
Spa Opportunities
Three years ago, Belgin Aksoy, creative director of hotel management company Richmond International in Turkey, came up with an idea to combat depression and unhappiness by promoting the importance of living well. To overcome these problems and lead a healthy, happier life we need an inspiring beginning. The name of that beginning is "Global Wellness Day."More

10 spas with food-based treatments
A great part of any trip is a sojourn to a local spa. A day of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle, can reinvigorate our senses before returning to the real world. A recent trend in spas is incorporating indigenous edibles into treatments, allowing us to give our bodies a taste of it as well. Here are 10 spas where local food ingredients play starring roles in facials, baths and scrubs.More

5 wrinkle-forming habits you need to ditch
Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care
Most wrinkles are caused from sun, and only a small portion are caused by skin aging itself. However, habits can play a role in how you wrinkle, too. We know that sun protection is the most important thing you can do to fight wrinkles. Aside from not protecting your skin from the sun, what other habits can give you wrinkles?More

10 essential tips for running your business better
Small Business Trends
There are parts of running a business that are absolutely essential. And while you know that these things, such as protecting company data and identifying your target market, are important, actually doing them can be a bit more difficult. Luckily, members of the online small business community have you covered with these top business tips.More

6 things your small business must do this summer
USA Today
For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, summer is the busiest time of the year, especially if you're in the tourism, sports or construction industries. But for most of the rest of us who own small businesses, summer often means things in the office slow down. Fewer people come in the door, click on our site or send us emails. That makes it tempting to close up shop, head for the beach and order one of those fizzy drinks with little umbrellas. Or at least head to the backyard lounge chair with a tall glass of iced tea. But before you get nice and relaxed, here are six things you should do for your small business this summer.More

3 ways to turn digital marketing into sales
Business 2 Community
In order to eliminate frustrations and lack of results, marketing and sales have to work together. Beginning with everyone being on the same page with the end goal, there are certain points that will greatly increase the likelihood of success for everyone. Below are three ways to bridge the gap between digital marketing and sales. More

Which is the best social media site for your business?
By Emma Fitzpatrick
New social media sites pop up constantly. Whenever a new form of social emerges, of course you check it out. After all, you — and your business — should always be on the forefront of trends. Plus you want to know, "Is this a good fit for my business?" But, after browsing all the social media sites out there, which ones should you really stick with? To get the biggest ROI on your social marketing, you need to be honing in on the platforms that move the needle for you. More

Interventions for rosacea
The Cochrane Library
Rosacea is a common chronic skin condition affecting the face, characterised by flushing, redness, pimples, pustules and dilated blood vessels. A range of treatment options are available but, it is unclear which are most effective.More

Beauty treatments you should (and shouldn't) get while pregnant
Expectant mamas know that back pain and swollen ankles come with carrying a baby for nine (almost 10) months. So when it comes time for a little pregnancy pampering, all moms-to-be wouldn't mind a relaxing massage or a fresh manicure.More

Curvalicious! The latest in high-tech body contouring treatments
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa
Creator and CEO of the Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy Kristen Groop writes: As a busy skin care professional, I am able to keep up with trends easily by listening to my clients. Over the past couple of years, clients have been increasingly inquiring about alternatives to surgery for both fat loss and skin tightening.More

The cycle of reflective teaching
The more reflective you are, the more effective you are. This is a phrase that has become synonymous with the work we have done with building teachers' reflective capacity. With a century's worth of research touting the benefits of self-reflection and a slew of tools to help teachers strengthen their reflective habits, the causative relationship between the two is growing more evident.More

Teacher questions: An alternative?
Faculty Focus
Kant declared false the commonplace saying "That may be true in theory, but it won't work in practice." He acknowledged that there might be difficulties in application, but he said that if a proposition is true in theory, it must work in practice. What about the proposition "If teachers don't ask questions, students will ask more and better ones?" A preponderance of practical and empirical evidence shows that teacher questions suppress student questions.More

NCEA-sponsored Prep Class — Aug. 24

Face & Body
Northern California Spa Conference & Expo
San Jose, California

NCEA Certified Pres Class
Monday, Aug. 24
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Room TBD

• Members: $125
• Nonmembers: $149

Includes: Complimentary NCEA Certified Records Verification ($175 value)

*Membership status must be current on day of event.More

Save the Date: NETT Teacher Training

Mark your calendar to attend the National Esthetic Teacher Training Conference:

  • Long Beach Convention Center - Sept. 19
  • Philadelphia Convention Center - Oct. 24

  • To receive registration information, text "NCEA" to 22828.More

    Continuing Education Credits
    Did you know its NCEA's position that ...

    all states that regulate esthetician licensees should mandate a minimum of 12 hours of Continuing Education credits — before an esthetician can renew their license. More