Jun. 17, 2014

Estheticians can have a high success rate treating acne
By Mary Freihofner
Acne is the No. 1 reason in the United States for visits to a dermatologist, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These patients may also complain of accompanying skin irritation. Often dermatologists and their patients become frustrated when the acne will not clear, and both may surrender to the acne in defeat. But there are other successful options. A trained esthetician will often perform extractions of pustules, black heads, closed comedones and sebum clogged pores.More

Old is new again: Spas feature classic treatments with added innovation
Skin Inc.
Throwback Thursday had a whole new meaning at the recent International SPA Association Media Event. A number of spas showcased their latest treatments, with an apparent common theme: old is new again, with an added twist, thanks to innovative technology.More

The new trends in anti-aging and detox medicine
Haute Living
The search for the "fountain of youth" has fascinated people and medical researches for centuries. Today the anti-aging industry is projected to reach close to $300 billion in sales of various products and services promising to make users younger. As the amount of interest and sheer number of products grows, consumers are desperately in need of help navigating the treacherous waters of vast choices in anti-aging items presented to them. Unfortunately, to date, there officially are no FDA approved medications or products that can comprehensively reverse aging. More

Coconut oil's surprising benefits
Contra Costa Times via Republican American
It can illuminate skin and hair. It can boost metabolism. It can even aid in killing bacteria — all while keeping you smelling like the tropics. Coconut oil, that goopy saturated fat, is having its moment in the superfood spotlight. Conventional thought used to consider coconut oil unhealthy; now that research is proving otherwise, people are increasingly interested in reaping its benefits.More

5 essential tips for growing your business
Small Business Trends
To say that getting a business off the ground is hard work would be an understatement. Whether you're still drafting your first business plan or recently opened your store, starting and running a business can be an exhilarating — and terrifying — experience. Here are five tips that can help you grow your business.More

Improve customer service: 5 essential troubleshooting, diagnostic tips
Business 2 Community
In customer service technical support, your staff's ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems for clients is a key component of customer satisfaction. Accurate and faster troubleshooting leads to higher customer satisfaction scores, helps improve first call resolution and saves your staff and customers time.More

9 steps to get your 'social-selling' program off the ground
These days, small businesses are being bombarded by consultants, pundits and thought leaders telling them they need to get their businesses on social media. With hardly a moment passing where we aren't told to follow something on Twitter or like a page on Facebook, the proliferation of social has reached epic proportion. With this hyper-awareness comes a certain sense of urgency for most entrepreneurs — primarily the desire not to miss the ball on social media.More

Perioperative corticosteroids for preventing complications following facial plastic surgery
The Cochrane Library
Early recovery is an important factor for people undergoing facial plastic surgery. However, the normal inflammatory processes that are a consequence of surgery commonly cause oedema and ecchymosis, which are undesirable complications.More

Growing indications for laser-assisted drug delivery
A new review of laser-assisted drug delivery highlights the potential of laser technology to increase efficacy and reduce side effects of prescription medications.More

Green spas in a nutshell
By Beatrice (Vallant) Hochegger
On the one hand, consumers start demanding eco-friendly spa experiences, and on the other hand, spa owners and managers create green philosophies in order to save resources and protect the environment.More

10 characteristics of a highly effective learning environment
Wherever we are, we'd all like to think our classrooms are "intellectually active" places. Progressive learning environments. Highly effective and conducive to student-centered learning. But what does that mean? The reality is, there is no single answer because teaching and learning are awkward to consider as single events or individual "things." More

Size matters: Smaller classes spark better learning
By Archita Datta Majumdar
The move to reduce class size and bring about higher-quality education is a not new one, but it has gained new momentum with a new study. Research by Australian educator David Zyngier shows that there can be significant difference in student performance with a smaller class size. Zyngier analyzed 112 peer-reviewed studies from 1979-2014 to prove how the size of the class can narrow the achievement gap. With smaller classes, teachers can be less occupied with maintaining discipline, and can instead focus on the individual growth of their students.More

10 steps to protect your future
The first step to getting involved is to join the NCEA and post your Membership Certificate for your clients to see. Annual dues equate to one latte a month — that's only $3.75 to protect your future. Protecting your future as an esthetician is not just about making money. Know what your professional licensing, state regulatory boards and legislators are doing. More