Jun. 23, 2015

Are float spas making a comeback?
Allen Hughes said the concept of floatation therapy took a long time to sink in. The management consultant, a self-described "high strung" type, who's always looking for new ways to relieve stress, said he didn't think floating in water could bring him that much relaxation. "This is something crazy people do," he recalled thinking. But after trying it for the first time in March, Hughes has become a regular at East Coast Float Spa in the Philadelphia suburb of West Chester, Pennsylvania.More

Yoga and meditation find a place in spas
Just as we celebrated Global Wellness Day on June 13 in more than 30 countries, a day set aside "to make people aware of the value of their lives, get away from the stress of urban lifestyles and from bad habits, and thereby find peace." As the spa movement continues in its effort to break new ground, it increasingly finds that wellness extends beyond the physical and into areas of personal growth. Thus, yoga and meditation classes and session are turning up with more regularity in the products offered by hotel spas around the world.More

Water: The truth about this insanely easy skin care routine
In the age of less is more, is it really possible to wash your face with water? No soap, no cleanser, no oil, no honey. Just water. While dermatologists do see patients going overboard with cleansers and soaps, the water-only method is extreme. "It's not the ideal way to cleanse your skin," says dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf. "If you're using just water on your skin, you're not really getting everything off and you're depleting lipids."More

Nuffield Health gyms beef-up beauty offering with new Elemis tie-up
Health Club Management
Nuffield Health has chosen luxury British skin care brand Elemis to provide spa and beauty treatments at 22 wellness suites across its U.K. health club empire. The company believes the collaboration will help to grow its beauty offering for members and nonmembers alike, as well as bringing a standardized approach to beauty suites across the estate. More

What 'Game of Thrones' can teach us about spa retail training
The Huffington Post
Changing the way your therapists deliver customer service at your spa through training is no easy task. It is not for the weak or faint-hearted. Game of Thrones demonstrates the importance of having a strategic plan which will assist you in reaching your ultimate goal. Even then you may encounter unexpected resistance or roadblocks, but you'll be better prepared to meet them head-on.More

5 ways to grow your business through social media
Just about every company has a social media presence in some way or another. Some are savvy, but others create a Facebook page and expect the work to be done for them. It's a dangerous mindset; just like everything, maintaining a strong social media presence takes a lot of work. The payoff can be incredible, though — growing your business through social media is very possible. Here's how.More

Pinterest's new buyable pins benefit businesses and users
By Katina Smallwood
A new benefit is coming to Pinterest in the coming months: the ability to purchase pinned items through a new "Buy it" button. Until now, the social media juggernaut has served mainly as a website reserved for planning, and the company hopes the new foray into the e-commerce market will make the website more interactive and satisfying to users. The new button will allow users to purchase items without being redirected to an additional webpage.More

Tech habits: 5 trends marketers should know
Business 2 Community
Remember the Alex from Target phenomenon last fall? A 16-year-old cashier was bagging some items at Target when a young woman inconspicuously snapped a photo of him and posted it on Twitter. Before the end of his shift, Alex Lee was an Internet celebrity and didn't even know it. How? That's the power of Gen Z — the demographic of people born after 1995, and the first generation unfamiliar with life before the ubiquity of laptops, smartphones and tablets. More

Complementary therapies for acne vulgaris
The Cochrane Library
Acne is a chronic skin disease characterized by inflamed spots and blackheads on the face, neck, back and chest. Cysts and scarring can also occur, especially in more severe disease. People with acne often turn to complementary and alternative medicine, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, and dietary modifications, because of their concerns about the adverse effects of conventional medicines.More

Spas focusing on maintenance treatments to stay competitive
Professional Beauty
City spas need to put more focus on maintenance treatments, such as waxing and manicures, to stay competitive, according to Resense chief executive Kasha Shillington. Shillington, whose company operates 26 spas worldwide, said bridging the gap between salon basics and indulgent spa rituals was the key to repeat business in city spas.More

5 wrinkle-forming habits you need to ditch
Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care
Most wrinkles are caused from sun, and only a small portion are caused by skin aging itself. However, habits can play a role in how you wrinkle, too. We know that sun protection is the most important thing you can do to fight wrinkles. Aside from not protecting your skin from the sun, what other habits can give you wrinkles?More

Building relationships with students: Walking the line between rewarding, exhausting
Teaching Channel
What I miss most about being a classroom teacher are the relationships I had with my students. I miss getting a million hugs from kindergartners and hearing former students yell, "Ms. Jones!" I miss sitting next to students as they learn how to read, feeling like I had just won the lottery as they decipher "cat" independently. But what made teaching so wonderful is also what made it so hard. More

NCEA-sponsored Prep Class — Aug. 24

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Northern California Spa Conference & Expo
San Jose, California

NCEA Certified Pres Class
Monday, Aug. 24
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Room TBD

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Save the Date: NETT Teacher Training

Mark your calendar to attend the National Esthetic Teacher Training Conference:

  • Long Beach Convention Center - Sept. 19
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    Esthetician Apprenticeship Definition
    Did you know its NCEA's position that ...

    esthetician apprenticeship is considered to be theoretical and practical training provided by a supervising licensed esthetician, other than in or part of the curriculum of a state-approved licensed school.More