Jul. 23, 2013

What do consumers want? Mintel reveals US facial skin care trends USA
When it comes to facial skin care multifunctional benefits and safety are the key concerns for U.S. consumers, whilst brand loyalty also plays a factor, according to a new report. According to market researcher Mintel, it is not the typical anti-aging products that will drive future growth but emerging trends, such as mulifunctional products. More

The facts about stem cells and skincare: Is it right for you?
The Fashion Spot
The use of stem cells have been making headlines for years but now they're getting even more attention as they've started to be embraced by the beauty industry. The Fashion Spot spoke with Linda Nelson from Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care to find out more about stem cell beauty innovations and how they can help achieve younger looking skin. Here are six things to keep in mind.More

Keeping motivated in the child-bearing years
By Samantha Bense and Kristy Wexler
Hours spent working or keeping up around the home are getting longer. For those who already have children, the numerous activities you feel compelled to enroll them in to "keep up with the Joneses" take up just about any free time you have in a day. For many women, finding the time to update their Facebook status or tweet is hard enough, let alone the time to get a full workout in. What can be done, you ask? Here are 10 tips to finding the time and motivation to exercise during the child-bearing years.More

Understanding state board regulation of equipment
Skin Inc
It has been reported that almost half of all inspections of licensed facilities that occur are initiated through a consumer complaint to the state regulatory board. Skin care professionals who purchase devices from a manufacturer or distributor are often unaware of the regulatory requirements and/or the state board's lack of understanding of the devices and their uses, which can lead to fines and sanctions. More

Find the work-life balance as a small-business owner
Greenville News
Work-life balance: Everyone wants it, but is it achievable, especially when you run a small business? Work-life balance when you own a small business is not impossible, just difficult. Here are five keys to managing the tug of war between home and business.More

Big, small businesses defend expense write-offs
Zero hour is approaching for lawmakers hoping to convince Senate Finance Committee leaders that special tax breaks should stay on the books. One provision that's being heavily lobbied: business expensing. It's a popular benefit that allows businesses to write off significant chunks of their investment in pricey equipment. The break is often seen as a win-win, giving companies an incentive to invest and helping the firms that manufacture the equipment that's being purchased. And since it's a temporary tax provision, it's the type of break that's most ripe to be scrapped from the Tax Code of the future.More

What's the best way for small business to grow?
USA Today
VideoBriefDigital technology, websites and social media now are key tools for growing small businesses and competing with larger ones. "Even if you're making coffee or ice pops or lobster rolls, you can also expand your business using technology," says Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills. "It levels the playing field." Even so, nearly 60 percent of small businesses still are what Google calls invisible — operating without a website. Many of the rest are what Scott Levitan, Google's director of small business engagement, calls "completely invisible," meaning there's no original information from the company anywhere online.More

Small business: Keep email list updated
A well-maintained email list can be a valuable asset for a company. Too often, small businesses focus their efforts on collecting email addresses but fail to regularly purge and update their lists. As a result, your company's ability to deliver its email marketing message to its core audience could be compromised and you could ultimately damage your sender reputation. It's your responsibility to maintain a clean list.More

Cosmetic procedures performed in the United States: A 16-year analysis
American Society of Dermatologic Surgery via PubMed
A study was conducted to examine changes in the frequency of cosmetic dermatologic procedures performed in the United States from 1995 to 2010 and the physician specialties performing them. Cosmetic procedures, particularly those that are minimally invasive, are in demand. The physician specialties performing these procedures are not well-characterized.More

Skincare during a heatwave
The Guardian
It is essential to keep your skin protected in this weather. Which sunscreen should you use and how much makeup should you wear in this heat? The Guardian's beauty editor offers tips on keeping your skin protected and fresh-looking all day. More

Tomorrow's skin care will be based on a holistic approach
Premium Beauty
Dominique Sigaudo-Roussel, a researcher at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins of Lyon, France has been studying for several years the biomechanical response of the skin tissue to external stimuli, particularly under manual pressure, like massage. She believes that tomorrow's skincare will adopt an increasingly holistic approach, integrating both the mode of application and the environment.More

From the principal's office: 6 steps for curbing email miscommunication
How many times have you sent an e-mail and immediately regretted doing so after pushing the send button? How many times have you sent an email and the receiver of that email got it all wrong about what you meant to say? The media is replete with stories of politicians, public officials and celebrities who make the news because they sent an insensitive email or distasteful joke. When these things happen, the problem isn't with the email. It does what it's supposed to do. The problem is a lack of mindfulness when reading, composing and sending email.More

10 tips: How to be a successful leader
What does it take to become a successful leader? Thousands of people are asking themselves this exact question. There are certain strategic skills that need to be taken into consideration. In order to become a leader you need to strengthen and develop your best qualities. Here are the top ten tips on becoming a successful leader and how you can earn the trust, respect and confidence of those around you.More

Webinar: Unknown Risk, Unseen Liability
This presentation will review the basics of the immune system and the potential pathogens that lead to illness. We will review infection control procedures and identify the difference between disinfection and sterilization. Review of state mandates of the various types of products will also be explored.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Discuss potential pathogens.
  • Evaluate infection control procedures.
  • Identify the disease process.
  • Evaluate behaviors to reduce pathogen exposure.

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    Separation of skin care from the cosmetology scope of practice
    It is NCEA's position that skin care should be independent from the cosmetology scope of practice and license. Due to the advances in technique, product and equipment, the NCEA recognizes the importance of protecting consumers and estheticians. Skin Care Curriculum requirements should be adopted from the NCEA's 600 and 1200 Esthetician Job Task Analysis. Furthermore, it is NCEA's position to raise the level of the Esthetician's Scope of Practice by increasing the licensing requirements to meet NCEA's 1200 Hours Esthetician Job Task Analysis.More