Aug. 5, 2014

Finding the gems in the global market for professional skin care products
In 2013, the global professional skin care market performed at its best, posting moderate growth to reach almost $6 billion. Findings from Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities reveal that among the reasons behind this growth are solid gains in four emerging markets representing gems of opportunities for beauty marketers: Indonesia, Thailand, Poland and Russia.More

Summer skin care: Could be the season of the itch
Los Angeles Times
As appealing as the long afternoons, soaring temperatures and time outside can be, they also signal a harsh environment that can assault the skin. This elastic, tough covering keeps our internal organs moist while keeping out microbes, insects and UV radiation. It protects us from abrasions and chemicals. It also plays a major role in thermoregulation, keeping our bodies cool through sweating.More

Skin care for men: 5 keys to minimizing the effects of age
Aging is inevitable, and it's going to come with its shares of pitfalls; however, what's true is that how well you look at 40 and beyond will largely depend on how well you've looked after your skin throughout the ages. That's as far as the bad news is concerned. The good news is that there's plenty you can do to improve your own aging exterior. You just need to know how to go about it. So don't give up on your face, guys. Not just yet!More

What your hands can reveal about your health via The Huffington Post
You don't have to go to a palm reader to learn about your future. Pay attention to the state of your mitts — your nails, skin, and fingers can indicate all kinds of conditions and issues all by themselves.More

The real answers behind esthetics in a medical setting
Skin Inc.
Working in a medical setting is the goal for many skin care professionals today. Practicing esthetics with a physician is a great career option and definitely has its advantages, including continued learning; clinically proven treatments and products; the ability to help all clients through direct referral; and opportunities for client interaction. Although having a career in the medical field may seem glamorous, there are several details estheticians may not be taking into consideration.More

The future of business: Big or small, but not midsized
By Adrian Davis
Businesses are currently faced with unprecedented change. Every change — especially those related to technology and business model — brings more and faster change. Change changes the nature of change. Each change creates new opportunities, and each change shuts the door on previous growth opportunities. In such a fast-changing world, the firms that will have the most difficulty staying afloat will be midsized businesses.More

10 tax tips for new business owners
Fox Business
If you are a new business owner, you need all the help you can get to cut it in this highly competitive economy. Keeping your money for working capital rather than paying it out in taxes to Uncle Sam will give you an edge. The following are 10 tips to help you do just that.More

Marketing the anti-aging message in the US for men
Getting a clear distinction between products for each gender and making sure to market grooming products specifically for men is of the utmost importance in the U.S.More

5 tips to market and grow your business via social media
Business Review Australia
Whether you are founding a startup, have a fledgling or established small business, or run a company that's at the top of the corporate world, your business can always benefit in some way from using social media.More

Fungi on the skin: Dermatophytes and Malassezia
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press via PubMed
Several human skin diseases and disorders are associated with two groups of fungi, the dermatophytes and Malassezia. Although these skin-related problems are not generally life threatening, they are among the most common diseases and disorders of mankind.More

5 things you never should say to a client
The world of business can be tricky to navigate. Sure, you have a great product, but now you must procure and retain clients. And that can be like navigating a minefield. Each customer brings a different personality and expectations to manage.More

Gluten-free beauty on the rise
Skin Inc.
A blog post titled "Gluten-free beauty is on the rise" from Mintel's Lucy Cornford showcases how more and more beauty products are positioning themselves as gluten-free.More

The education revolution is here right now — Don't miss it
In this interview with Rick Beyer, a managing partner of Miles Howland Education Partners, an investment firm focusing on the higher education sector, we are talking about innovation challenges and opportunities that are common to both private enterprise and institutions of higher education.More

Apprenticeship position
Did you know ... It is NCEA's position that apprenticeship shall not be a substitute for theoretical and practical education of the esthetic student in a state-approved licensed school.More