Aug. 7, 2012

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NCEA Business Meeting Long Beach, Calif.
Renaissance Hotel — Friday, Sept. 7

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NETT Conference – Saturday, Sept. 8
International Congress of Esthetics & Spa — Sunday & Monday
Long Beach Convention Center

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Submission deadline is Aug. 31 for Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education
In honor of Joel Gerson's contribution to education of the esthetic professional, NCEA is pleased to announce the creation of the "Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education."

Applicants must be currently employed as an esthetics teacher and demonstrate excellence in providing esthetic education. All applications must be received no later than Aug. 31. Applications received after this date will be disqualified as well as incomplete applications.

Download the application.


Spa-ing while ethnic
The Huffington Post (commentary)
One of the reasons Linda Harding-Bond decided to become an esthetician was to gain better control over her own skin. Plagued with excessive oiliness in her late teens, her skin began displaying blotchiness of Rorschach proportion. It seemed that no matter where she turned, she was unable to find anyone who really understood her particular skin issues and could help it from going completely haywire.More

Report: Spas a key factor when consumers book hotels
Skin Inc.
The presence of a spa is an important factor for consumers when they are booking a hotel, according to a new international trends report published by Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Emerging Global Spa Trends, the hotel operator's new Hilton Blue Paper, indicated that more than half of the participants in a worldwide survey of 6,000 people said wellness facilities were an important factor when choosing a hotel. More

Are you considering a medical esthetics career?
Skin Inc.
In 2003, medical esthetics was a relatively new concept, and there were far fewer medical spas than there are today. Because of that, treatments were provided at a much higher price point than they are now. In 2003, a small area of laser hair removal — for example, the underarms — would cost between $300 to $400 for one session. Now, many businesses offer it for a lot less. This lower price point is a great thing for the industry because it allows more clients to enter the marketplace, helping medical esthetics to become a nearly $9 billion industry.More

Spa treatment for primary fibromyalgia syndrome: a combination of thalassotherapy, exercise and patient education improves symptoms and quality of life
Rheumatology via PubMed
To study the effect of a combination of thalassotherapy, exercise and patient education in people with fibromyalgia.

Patients with fibromyalgia, selected from a rheumatology out-patient department and from members of the Dutch fibromyalgia patient association, were pre-randomized to receive either 2(1/2) weeks of treatment in a Tunisian spa resort, including thalassotherapy, supervised exercise and group education (active treatment) or treatment as usual (control treatment). Primary outcome measure was health-related quality of life, measured with the RAND-36 questionnaire. Secondary measures included the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, the McGill Pain Questionnaire, the Beck Depression Inventory, tender point score and a 6-min treadmill walk test.

Fifty-eight participants receiving the active treatment reported significant improvement on RAND-36 physical and mental component summary scales. For physical health, differences from the 76 controls were statistically significant after 3 months, but not after 6 and 12 months. A similar pattern of temporary improvement was seen in the self-reported secondary measures. Tender point scores and treadmill walk tests improved more after active treatment, but did not reach significant between-group differences, except for walk tests after 12 months.

A combination of thalassotherapy, exercise and patient education may temporarily improve fibromyalgia symptoms and health-related quality of life. More

Essential business rules for start-ups
Inc. (commentary)
As someone who started his first company at 23 years old, Brian Hamilton found himself conflicted as he watched his sons venture into entrepreneurship: He wanted to impart to them the business knowledge he acquired over the past 26 years, but he also knows how important it will be for them to make the mistakes typical of first-time business owners. In watching them struggle (and eventually succeed) in running a new business, he relearned some of the simple lessons all early-stage companies should know.More

3 questions you must ask before securing a small business credit card
Almost all major banks and credit card processors have a card tailored specifically for small businesses. Before you jump in and sign up, it pays to first think about the new credit you're taking on. Review sites offer online tools to compare interest rates, rewards programs and annual fees. Regardless of which card you chose, there are three questions you must ask yourself before signing up.More

5 low-cost local marketing ideas
Whether it is local sports sponsorships, newspaper-ad buys or social media, many entrepreneurs waste money on marketing strategies that may boost their egos by making them local celebrities, but don't actually translate into sales. Here are some marketing ideas to consider before breaking out the big bucks.More

3 ways to make your social media efforts more productive
Pinterest. It's the "it" social media site. Or, at least, it was back in March. There have probably been four other "it" sites since then. Feeling pulled this way and that by the latest and (supposedly) greatest social media channel? Remember: While you don't want to miss out on the action, don't waste time with the Next Big Thing unless it's also The Right Thing. With that in mind, here are some guidelines for making the most of your social media minutes.More

Microdermabrasion Position
It is the position of the NCEA that:

1. Microdermabrasion devices should be used by estheticians.

2. In addition to manufacturer supplied, device specific education, estheticians shall complete a course of study equivalent to that recommended by the NCEA.

3. If estheticians wish to use microdermabrasion devices they should take the necessary licensing education to include theoretical and practical application as part of their core curriculum or as continuing education modules.

Disclaimer: The NCEA recommends that estheticians abide by federal, state and local regulations.

Download complimentary powerpoint entitled, "Advocating for your Profession."More

School dress codes aren't just for students anymore
USA Today
When kids in one Kansas school district return to class this fall, they won't be seeing cutoff shorts, pajama pants or flip flops — on teachers. The Wichita School District is just one of a growing number in the nation cracking down on teacher apparel. Jeans are banned in at least one elementary school in New York City. A school district in Phoenix is requiring teachers to cover up tattoos and excessive piercings. And several Arizona schools are strictly defining business casual.More

Making personal finance cool to kids
At Henderson Elementary School in Chicago, children regularly learn about money. Not just in mathematical word problems, but in practical ways too. They make short-term and long-term savings goals, for an XBox next year or a college education next decade. Money — how to use it, how to save it, how to protect yourself from it — is seeping into their core curriculum.More

Complimentary CE webinar: Oncology Esthetics — Do No Harm
Presented by Morag Currin
This presentation will define cancer and how it can metastasize throughout the body. Esthetic spa treatments that can alleviate cancer side effects will be explored. Teaching about the lymphatic system and how cleansing, massaging on the face, neck and décolleté during a treatment may be affected. You will learn how to teach your students' compassion, cancer awareness, and how to adjust esthetic protocols that take into consideration medications and supplements that cancer survivors must use for life.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

• Define cancer and metastasis
• Discuss the lymphatic system and its effects
• Illustrate the giving of compassion
• Summarize benefits of working with cancer survivors

To begin the webinar, click here.

Download the CE Registration Form here.

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