Sep. 29, 2015

Want great skin? Give your face a hit of acid
Yahoo Beauty
Acid on skin — sounds scary, no? Maybe we've seen too many celluloid torture scenes, but the combination is more likely to conjure a Joker-like burn victim than perfectly complexioned A-listers. Yet, the labels on our skin care products are positively loaded with acids of all kinds. Are these ingredients among the dubious additives we would do best to avoid? Not exactly.More

5 of the best: Luxury organic spa products
The Huffington Post
September is Organic Month, and if you care as much about what goes on your skin as what goes into your body (you should) it's the perfect time to switch up your beauty routine, inspired by some of the world's best spas.More

Shangri-La Bengaluru opens spa in India with dedicated ayurveda room
Spa Opportunities
The 397-bedroom Shangri-La Bengaluru has opened in Bangalore, India, featuring a nine-treatment room Chi The Spa with a dedicated ayurveda room. The hotel's entire third floor is designed as a fully-equipped wellness floor, and in addition to the spa, includes a health club, sauna, steam room and whirlpool.More

Delta is opening airport spas its customers can't use
Working for a big American airline these days seems about as enjoyable as being one of its passengers — judging by the attitude of airline employees anyway. At least one airline has decided that sweetening its employees' tempers will pay off for the company. Delta Air Lines is opening employee "sky spas" at three airports in the U.S. beginning in October.More

How to grow your business when you've hit a brick wall
The Marketing Donut
Sooner or later, all businesses hit a brick wall. For entrepreneurs, it is a tough but salutary experience when they realize that the main obstacle to growing their business is, in fact, themselves.More

Leadership: The key to running any successful business
By Jill Nesbitt
The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day speaker series on leadership sponsored by Willow Creek Association. The original Willow Creek church is based in Chicago, and it has grown to support hundreds of local churches across the world. Promoted as not just for pastors or ministry leaders, but for all leaders, I attended this year and found inspiration and practical application. After two days and eight pages of notes, here are the ideas that most impacted me.More

How to make customers special friends of your brand
Multichannel Merchant
There is an important lesson for retailers: Make any interaction with the customer a personal one. Whether it's a small note, a tiny gift or a discount on their next purchase (that doesn't expire!), show your gratitude for their business. It shows how much you care about your customer.More

9 reasons small businesses shouldn't use a personal email account to do their email marketing
If you're like a lot of small businesses and organizations, you may be using a personal email account —like Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo — to communicate with a group of email contacts. Chances are you've also noticed some limitations in what you can and can't do with a personal email account.More

Multi-institutional collaboration to develop, validate a clinical skills assessment for melanoma
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology via PubMed
Assessing medical students on core skills related to melanoma detection is challenging in the absence of a well-developed instrument.More

Renew with bamboo
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa
Does your massage menu need something fresh and unique? If you're looking for a new massage modality to add to your lineup, full body bamboo massage can bring valuable diversity to your options. A bamboo massage protocol can be offered as a standalone treatment, or incorporated into a traditional massage, to address trigger points or neuromuscular work.More

Infographic: Follow these tips for marketing on Facebook
By Kaylee Nelson
We all know about the popularity of social media marketing, but have you noticed the desert of abandoned company Facebook pages? While creating a page is the first step to social connectivity, maintaining your presence is even more important.More

How to use infographics as multimodal learning tools
Teach Thought
People don't all learn the same way. Teachers know this, and that's why multimodal learning methods are an essential part of any teacher's toolkit. Responding to the changing linguistic landscape caused by digital media and communication, many teachers are leveraging the multimodal learning opportunities offered by mixed media in the classroom.More

Scenario-based learning in the online classroom
Faculty Focus
Scenario-based learning can be an effective way for students to apply what they have learned to realistic situations. There are many different ways to design scenarios for online delivery, from text-based case studies to interactive, immersive simulations. Regardless of the resources that you have available, there are effective ways to put students in scenarios that contribute to their learning.More

NETT Teacher Training Philadelphia — Oct. 24 — Registration Now Open

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
National Esthetic Teacher Training
Saturday, October 24
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Room 306 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Click here to for further details about member status and to register.

To receive registration information, text "NCEA" to 2More

'Will Your Students Remember You?'
by Maureen Vipperman, Corporate Director of Spa Development/Principal at M.Rene, OPL Hotels

National Esthetic Teacher Training
Saturday, October 24
9-9:50 a.m.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:
1. Recognize limiting beliefs.
2. Discover ways to “show up in life” and in your classroom.
3. Integrate positive role modeling to empower your students.
4. Embrace your value in making a difference to the future of the esthetic industry.

Maureen brings her unique passion for spa, wellness and business to the world of hospitality. Her visionary work with award winning design teams to develop wellness and branding strategies set her business apart. With nearly two decades of experience, Maureen is highly established and recognized as a leader in her field.More

Esthetician Job Task 1,200 Hours
Did you know ... It is NCEA's position that an esthetician upon completion of a 1,200 hour program should be able to perform and/or know the following job tasks ... More