Dec. 3, 2013

Beauty, science deep
The Scientist
The trendy look for this season's cosmetics lab is high-tech instruments and tools. Researchers are using gene microarrays to understand what makes young skin taut and even-toned and to find out why older epidermis sags, wrinkles or develops spots. They can then hunt for molecules that activate those same genes in aging or sun-damaged skin. A number of skin care lines, such as Olay products, already contain ingredients based on microarray work.More

Future beauty trends: Finding the right target USA
The recent Beauty Futures Forum conducted by trends forecasting agency "The Future Laboratory" identified what we can expect next in terms of original concepts and different ways of targeting beauty consumers post-recession. Cosmetics Design expert Imogen Matthews outlines these trends.More

3 reasons to love and trust med-spas
The newest neighborhood hangout isn't a cozy coffee bar or a nail salon, but a hybrid day spa offering the hottest dermatological de-aging procedures in luxurious surroundings. The thought of med-spas may make some people wary. What about the training and qualifications of the hands my face and body would be in? Could I go trust an esthetician to do a plasma facial or Thermage? Here are tips on how to let go, self-indulge and get on board with the right med-spa. More

6 types of weird facials you haven't heard about
Would you slap blood on your face? No. How about lathering on some cat-poo? Reshma Kulkarni pins down bizarre beauty treatments. From caterpillars and snakes to blood and fire, there's nothing too creepy or gory for those who worship beauty. More

The little esthetician that could
Skin Inc.
As a spa owner or manager, you have a unique opportunity to help your team members reach their full professional potential, and enjoy a successful and rewarding career as they chug along on the career train. By discussing your team members' professional goals and integrating them into their work, you are adding value to their overall employment experience.More

10 key tips to boost your daily productivity
Business 2 Community
Productivity is a strange beast. But with a little "know how," it's easy enough to tame. We're each allotted the same 24 hours each day. And yet, some of us make better use of those hours than others. By becoming a master of productivity, you can use your hours more efficiently, allowing you to do more while working less. Here are 10 key tips to get you started. More

Social advertising overload: Marketers, don't forget to be social
Your business exists in a digital age where social media sites are trying to find a means to monetize on these connected users. At some points, they may take steps that could potentially deter users from what brought them to the network in the first place. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were all created as a means for communication, but these networks aren't growing their ad platforms to be focused around truly bringing groups of people together for discussion. If new ad formats impede a user's experience within a social network without adding value, your brand should have buffers in place to soften any backlash that may occur against your social advertising.More

Cost vs. value: Charging what you're worth and feeling good about it
Skin Inc.
Every day, skin care professionals limit themselves and the growth of their businesses by making the same mistakes over and over again. The good news is you can overcome the habit of undercharging by following three tips for asking what you're worth and feeling good about it.More

The application of ultra-weak photon emission in dermatology
Elsevier B.V. via PubMed
Ultra-weak photo emission is a phenomenon closely associated with life and provides us a rare window to look into oxidative reactions in life directly without the aid of other agents. Dozens of independent studies have investigated UPE in skin in the last two decades. Skin serves as a convenient target for the application of UPE. As the outmost layer of our body, skin is also subjected to the influences from environmental factors such as ultraviolet light.More

5 levels of student ownership
Student ownership is the degree to which a learner feels a natural sense of responsibility and curiosity about their work. In contrast with simple compliance or vague engagement, ownership implies something broader and more cohesive.More

Look younger, without going under the knife
The Times of India
A recent study suggests that the number of cosmetic procedures opted for, have risen to about 44 percent in the last few years. The study goes on to say that people who undergo such procedures may experience a morale and confidence boost but also may go through certain repercussions later.More

Teaching with YouTube: 197 digital channels for learning
If you don't have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there's a good chance you’re behind the times. Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials and open courseware. Just as many individuals have their own channel, curating their expertise in a series of broadcasted lessons.More

27 ways to inspire students to innovate
Educator Mia MacMeekin made an infographic about ways to inspire students to think more deeply about how innovation applies to them. It's a helpful way to begin a conversation about what it means to innovate, a word that sometimes seems to belong in the adult domain of business and is estranged from how students think about living their lives.More

Find your federal and state officials
You can find state and federal officials using these websites: More