Dec. 16, 2014

Join the skin gym
The West Australian via Yahoo News
You may be surprised to know it's not just your body that needs to be given a good workout to remain trim, toned and terrific — your skin needs to be maintained in much the same way. Lotions and potions are great for maintenance, but a cheeky lunch-time treatment with the latest Skin Remodeling System may offer faster results.More

Multifunctional products to drive pro skin care growth
Professional Beauty Magazine
Demand for multifunctional and men's products will drive growth in the U.K. professional skin care market, which is predicted to increase at an average rate of 3.6 percent per year until 2018. More

Glycated sugar: Why it kills skin and what to do about it
Skin Inc.
Sugar. How sweet it is — and how deadly! Sugar has become a widespread addiction. On average, Americans consume 150 pounds of sugar each year. The average adult shovels down 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, and the average child consumes 32 teaspoons daily. Call it sugar, glucose, high-­fructose corn syrup, molasses, sorbitol or a variety of other names ... it doesn't matter — you wind up with lots of calories and zero nutritional value.More

The only 3 skin care ingredients you need
Yahoo Beauty
Snail slime. Plant stem cells. Bee venom. These are just a few of the many, many confusing things touted on the ingredient labels of serums, moisturizers and eye creams. If you've spent any time in Sephora lately, you know it can be completely overwhelming trying to shop for effective skin care. More

Broadwater: Radio frequency treatment tightens skin
The Clarion-Ledger
Guest columnist Barbara Broadwater writes: Not so long ago — more like 20 years ago — I was introduced to Botox. Not the most pleasant experience. However, the results are lineless. When I was a young adult, many current noninvasive treatments and procedures did not exist. Thanks for modern technology! The aging process can now be altered without going under the knife and little or no down time. With radio-frequency treatment, you can be done on your extended lunch break.More

Develop attainable business resolutions to resonate year-round
By Ellyn Caruso
As the calendar year draws to a close, it's beneficial to establish goals and set in motion a series of attainable business resolutions as we leap into 2015. Resolutions are typically lists loaded with specifics that quickly fall off the radar. This year, consider creating plans filled with concepts that will spur you and your business teams into action and help ring in new business all next year. Here's how.More

4 strategies to keep customers coming back
Customers are beginning to understand that their true value to companies goes well beyond their wallets. This is the age of the empowered customer, when a single complaint on social media can cost a business millions of dollars, an online review can shape the fortune of a restaurant and feedback can significantly affect business decisions.More

5 ways digital marketing will change in the coming year
Small Business Trends
Have you given much thought to the changes that are coming in digital marketing? While it's a common tendency to assume things will remain the same, it never happens that way — especially in the digital marketing space. Paying attention to all of the following trends will help prepare your company to connect with consumers through the mediums and channels they'll prefer most in the coming year. More

How you can embrace the holy grail of online marketing
Unless you've been sitting in front of a cathode-ray tube TV for the past few years, you've seen how important video has become as a marketing tactic. In fact, paid advertising on YouTube converts more customers than any other online platform, according to AOL Platforms. The number of digital video viewers in the U.S. is expected to increase by more than 22 million between 2013 and 2017, according to eMarketer. More

Mohs micrographic surgery versus surgical excision for periocular basal cell carcinoma
The Cochrane Library
Basal cell carcinoma is the commonest skin cancer in the white population. It is traditionally treated by surgical excision or by Mohs micrographic surgery.More

The secret to protecting your brand starts with your name
Small Business Trends
You want your business to stand out in the crowd. That's why your brand should be highly memorable, emotionally compelling and different from the rest. If you're planning on launching a business in the new year, keep in mind that your business name is the cornerstone of your brand.More

Unlocking the mystery of critical thinking
Faculty Focus
Critical thinking. We all endorse it. We all want our students to do it. And we claim to teach it. But do we? Do we even understand and agree what it means to think critically?More

The big picture of education technology: The Padagogy Wheel
Teaching is a matter of design. That's not new, but in an era of change and possibility, it's more apparent now than ever. The SAMR model — which acts as a kind of continuum to reflect the possibilities of technology in learning — is a helpful tool to make sense of this idea, a visual reminder that ideally technology moves beyond Substitution phase (the "S") towards a Redefinition (the "R") of what was previously impossible without it. This, among other shifts, will help fully realize the potential of learning technology.More

How to communicate the value of your faculty development center
Faculty Focus
Consider this hypothetical situation: The vice president of academic affairs has just sent you a cryptic email asking you to define the impact of your faculty development center. Could you do so? What would you say? How would you measure the impact? Dr. Bruce Kelley is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and a professor of music at the University of South Dakota. In his recent Magna online seminar, Outcomes-Based Assessment for Teaching & Learning Centers, Kelley explains the ins and outs of applying the principles of outcomes-based assessment to your faculty development center, leading to measurable and understandable results. More

Apprenticeship position
Did you know? … It is the position of the NCEA that apprenticeship shall not be a substitute for theoretical and practical education of the esthetic student in a state-approved licensed school. More