Dec. 23, 2014

The next 10 years: 3 pillars of beauty growth
Skin Inc.
Wellness and technological beauty will be the next big skin care trends, says Diagonal Reports. The beauty market has, until recently, been almost exclusively about the cosmetic but will now grow on the three pillars of wellness, technology and cosmetic beauty for the foreseeable future. Although that latter originated from outside the cosmetic segment, they have been the growth drivers of the skin care market.More

Andrew Gibson outlines industry hot topics at Spameeting Middle East
Spa Opportunities
Andrew Gibson, vice president of spa and wellness for FRHI Hotels & Resorts, identified several key factors currently affecting the spa industry during a speech at the recent Spameeting Middle East in Abu Dhabi.More

The medical spa: Pros, cons and legalities
Dermatology Times
Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who direct medical spas — whether these medical practices are extensions of their practices or not — assume responsibility for all procedures performed. And while it can be a financially rewarding career move, getting involved is not always simple nor is it easy. In fact, many physician and nonphysician medspa owners may be operating these facilities illegally and not know it.More

Nail polish could be lowering your child's IQ
Medical Daily
Nail polish seems harmless enough, but more and more research has been accumulating that points to the opposite: Certain chemicals found in nail polish and other cosmetics, known as phthalates, have the potential to be hazardous to our health.More

Is your business prepared for virtual currency?
By Jessica Taylor
We've seen such innovation and creation from the virtual currency revolution that started back in 2009 with bitcoin, but we didn't think it would actually affect us in today's world. Many consumers thought bitcoin was a scam, just pretend money — until it began to be accepted as actual currency. A new report from Technology Strategies International Inc., states that virtual currencies are expected to disrupt major markets in the next five years. If your business doesn't know how to handle virtual currency, it may be time to learn.More

Selling in the new relationship economy
By Jared Kligerman
We often hear that history repeats itself. Some recent examples include: '60s funk rifts in Daft Punk's newest album, "vintage" filters for photographs and the return to locally sourced produce. The business world is experiencing this as well. Social media and smartphones have allowed consumers to share their experiences faster than ever. Buying decisions are no longer based on just price or quality, but on the buying experience and word-of-mouth recommendations. Welcome to the return of the relationship economy.More

Infographic: Why coupons rule as marketing tools
One of the hardest tasks for a marketer is to have the subject line of your email heard over all the noise of an inbox, which is why email campaign managers turn to the always-effective coupon. Killer Infographics found that in 2013 there was a 50 percent year-over-year increase in campaigns mentioning coupons in emails. Coupons were also the No. 1 mobile email campaign trend. More

4 reasons your customers aren't sharing your content on social media
Content marketing and digital media strategies often include social sharing as a metric for success. Creating highly engaging, widely relatable content is a crucial step towards earning an audience's attention. But while page views are important, marketers need a deeper understanding of why people share it to create content that will reach further.More

Diagnostic accuracy, cost-effectiveness of dermoscopy in primary care: A cluster randomized clinical trial
European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology via PubMed
To determine the DA and cost-effectiveness of the dermoscope in primary care for skin lesions suspected of malignancy.More

The secret to protecting your brand starts with your name
Small Business Trends
You want your business to stand out in the crowd. That's why your brand should be highly memorable, emotionally compelling and different from the rest. If you're planning on launching a business in the new year, keep in mind that your business name is the cornerstone of your brand.More

Unlocking the mystery of critical thinking
Faculty Focus
Critical thinking. We all endorse it. We all want our students to do it. And we claim to teach it. But do we? Do we even understand and agree what it means to think critically?More

Experiential learning: Just because it's hands-on doesn't mean it's minds-on
Teach Thought
Grant Wiggins of Authentic Education writes: I recently visited Thetford Academy in Vermont — one of the few and interesting public-private academies in New England — where they have a formal and explicit commitment to "experiential learning." So, the leaders of the school asked me to visit classes that were doing experiential learning and to talk with staff at day's end about it.More

The traits of top creatives and the tools they use
"Iron sharpens iron," as the saying goes, and the same is true for creative types. The best creatives are just that — creatives. Working as the collective "one" is an essential part of their creative ideology. To these people, behaving like a competitive, separated "party of one" is the immature mindset found among creatives in the juvenile stage.More

Esthetician job task 600 hours
Did you know? … It is the position of the NCEA that an esthetician upon completion of a 600 hour program should be able to perform and/or know the following job tasks:

  1. Disinfection and Infection Control
  2. Human Physiology and Anatomy
  3. Skin Histology
  4. Skin Diseases and Disorders
  5. Hair and its Growth Cycle
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