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Feb. 5, 2015

Football major, basketball minor?
The New York Times
Most college officials have focused reforms on sustaining academic standards and limiting sports participation. But to acknowledge reality — or what some consider the charade of college sports — others propose the opposite: more sports, as in offering varsity athletes academic credit, and perhaps a whole curriculum built around their sport, under the tutelage of learned coaches.More

New Massillon Washington football coach featured on NHSCA Sports Hour
Tune in to the NHSCA Sports Hour tonight at 6 p.m. Eastern at artistfirst.com/nhsca.htm as host Jeff Fisher talks with Nate Moore, the new head coach at Massillon Washington High School in Ohio, America's fourth all-time winningest high school football program. Also on the show, Fisher looks at the current team and individual high school wrestling rankings.More

Body clock may determine who wins the game
Science World Report
New findings published in the journal Current Biology examine just how important adequate rest is when it comes to physical feats and winning. Researchers found that the performance of competition-level athletes varied over the course of the day by as much as 26 percent. Those who naturally preferred to sleep in typically performed better later in the day than the early birds.More

Eye-tracking tech could detect concussions in football players
New eye-tracking technology could help doctors measure the severity of concussions and traumatic brain injuries, which are sometimes difficult to diagnose, researchers say. The technology could be used to detect brain injuries in emergency rooms or even on the sidelines at sporting events, according to the study, published in the Journal of Neurotrauma. More

In football they trust: Polynesians' pipeline to the American dream
CNN Money
There are only about 300,000 Samoans and Tongans in America but their impact in one of the most American sports of all time is huge. For many Polynesian families, playing football is the road to a good education and way to support the entire family. But that journey to the top isn't all glitz and glamor. More

Recruits unsure of early signing period for football
The Dallas Morning News
High school football players being recruited by colleges may soon have one more decision to make. December or February? A long-debated early signing period for football could be implemented soon enough to give the Class of 2016 the option. More

Detroit girls basketball team isn't bitter after 80-0 loss
Detroit Free Press
On the morning after Detroit Cass Tech defeated Detroit Osborn 88-0 in a girls basketball game, nobody at Osborn showed any animosity toward the coaches or players from Cass. They said that Cass Tech coach Marissa Thrower did everything she could, in a show of sportsmanship, not to run up the score. She pulled her starters. Cass didn't press. And the game went to a running clock in the second half.More

Harvard-bound player has 2 careers on his mind
The New York Times
On a family trip to Boston two years ago, former New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis and his son Chris toured the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's campus. Chris Lewis, a ninth-grader at the time, had already received basketball scholarship offers from Memphis and New Mexico. Still, he had always dreamed of becoming an engineer, and few colleges had a better engineering program than MIT.More

Lawsuit agreement to force schools to provide physical education
As schools tout the importance of exercise in an era of childhood obesity, a California parent and his lawyer have agreed to a settlement with dozens of districts across California that will force elementary schools to prove they are providing at least the minimum amount of physical education required by state law. The districts, which educate more than 1 in 5 elementary students in first through sixth grades in the state, have agreed to a settlement that requires elementary school teachers to publicly document how many minutes of physical education students receive, according to lawyers involved in the case. More

How new NCAA benefits could change college football recruiting
USA Today
Though discussion about cost of attendance and other new benefits for college athletes was not a huge part of this year's cycle, recruiting is about to enter new territory in the next year. Whereas coaches used to go into homes with pictures of weight rooms and presentations about academics, they will soon be armed with dollar figures and cost of living adjustments. More

Nearly 4 in 10 would steer kids to play sports other than football
NBC News
Nearly 4 in 10 Americans — 37 percent — say they would encourage their child to play another sport other than football due to concerns about concussions, according to a newly released result from the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. By contrast, 60 percent of respondents say they disagree and would back their children if they wanted to play football. More

Wanna play football for Ohio State? Pick up a 2nd sport
Yahoo! Sports
A review of Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer's recruiting patterns reveals that the vast majority — almost 90 percent — of football scholarships have gone to multi-sport high school athletes. Although Meyer himself hasn't explained this methodology, there are some obvious advantages.More