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Mar. 19, 2015

Basketball players stop game to stand up for cheerleader
Desiree Andrews is an eighth-grader and cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. During a boys basketball game at the school, Andrews, who has Down syndrome, was being picked on by some fans in the stands. Three of the players on the team noticed the teasing and weren't going to stand for it. More

High school coaches are turning to analytics to gain an edge
Yahoo Sports
Ted Sullivan was coaching a youth baseball team in New York when he noticed something odd: At least a few people in the stands were looking down, distracted, after every play. Some were texting about the play, others were tracking the game in an old-school scorebook. Regardless, no one was actually watching the entire game. Coaches also had their eyes on the book, monitoring pitch counts and trying to anticipate where each batter would hit.More

NHSCA Sports Hour features focus on high school wrestling
Tune-in in to tonight's NHSCA Sports Hour with host Jeff Fisher as he talks with Marist HS (Georgia) head wrestling coach Riddick Beebe and his star wrestler Kenneth Brinson, who will be trying to become just the sixth wrestler in NHSCA Nationals history to win four straight wrestling titles. The show starts at 6 p.m. Eastern and can be heard at artistfirst.com/nhsca.htm.More

Kenneth Brinson tries to become a 4-time NHSCA champ
Kenneth Brinson of Marist High School in Atlanta will try to enter a very exclusive club during the Senior Nationals at the 26th Annual NHSCA High School National Wrestling Championships March 27-29, 2015 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Brinson, who is entered in the 220-pound weight class, will try to become the sixth wrestler to win four NHSCA national titles. More

Outstanding lineup of clinics at 2015 NHSCA Nationals
The NHSCA is pleased to announce that the 26th Annual National High School Wrestling Championships will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia March 27-29. The 26th Annual NHSCA National High School Wrestling Championships feature five divisions of competition and will showcase and eight top-notch clinics throughout the duration of the event. All clinics are FREE to coaches, wrestlers, parents and spectators! More

MLB VP wants baseball as means to college education
The Times-Picayune
When Darrell Miller talks about kids using baseball as a means of getting a college education, it's more than just rhetoric. Miller hopes to see many more African-Americans make it to the big league level, but just as important he hopes to see many young kids from the inner city use baseball or softball to get a college scholarship.More

From McDonald's All-American to McDonald's worker
Yahoo Sports
Former Indiana Pacers center David Harrison, a little more than a decade removed from being a first-round pick in the NBA draft, has struggled to make a consistent living since his basketball career ended – to the point he said he took a job working at McDonald's two years ago. Harrison made $4.4 million before taxes during four seasons with Indiana and also played in China professionally for three seasons. He said almost all of that money is gone. Now 32 and without a college degree, Harrison said he's having a hard time finding a job.More

Many minor league baseball players earn less than minimum wage
USA Today
In less than a month, most minor league baseball players will disperse to farm teams around the country, working toward their big-league goals while they earn a salary that amounts to less than the hourly minimum wage. Their plight is the subject of a lawsuit, first filed in February, 2014 by three former minor leaguers, that seeks to apply the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act to minor league players despite MLB's antitrust exemption. More

Sports and money: The cost of young players' specialization
National Center for Business Journalism
The science is becoming pretty clear: specialization for young athletes is causing overuse injuries that cost them playing time. And, it's also becoming clear that many of these injuries are happening to athletes whose parents put money towards year-round travel leagues for single sports.More

Author: Excessive sports practices can lead to adult-style injuries for kids
VideoBrief What does it take to make it in sports? Some swear by the "10,000-hour rule" — meaning it literally takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a success! But others say too much play can actually hurt your chances of success. More

Florida coach resigns; accused of recruiting foreign students
with big basketball dreams

VideoBrief A Lake Wales, Florida, high school basketball coach is out of a job after recruiting five foreign students and putting some of them in "deplorable" living conditions, according to the school principal. Randy Lee resigned from his position last week as basketball coach at Lake Wales High School in lieu of being terminated. Administrators were first tipped off to the situation when four young men enrolled at the school with an average height of 6 feet, 7 inches.More

Should athletes get a piece of the NCAA Tournament revenue?
The Wall Street Journal
Whether to pay college athletes remains one of the most explosive issues in sports, as media rights fees and coaching salaries have exploded. Athletic departments have morphed into mini-corporations. A vote by the five power conferences earlier this year to approve cost of living stipends of $200-400 a month has done little to tamp down criticism. More

Why is hydration important for athletes?
Boston Herald
We have all seen the ads with hard working athletes sweating fluorescent greens, reds, yellows and blues. Pretty cool visuals. Playing hard means sweating hard and sweating hard means hydration depletion. Although fluid replacement is not on the short list of priorities for many athletes, it is probably one of the most critical choices that an athlete can make. More

New York school's high-tech PE classes part of competition
VideoBrief A New York school district is revolutionizing physical education class. Now students are using technology to get real-time results on their effort, and their school could win a national contest because of it. In Rotterdam's Mohonasen Central School District, physical education is going high-tech. Students are using heart rate monitors to track their progress in real time during class.More