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Sep. 5, 2013

High school football player returns to field after losing leg to injury
Fox News
VideoBriefA Montana high school football player whose leg was amputated below the knee less than a year ago made a triumphant return to the field by scoring two touchdowns at his team's season opener. Koni Dole started at fullback on offense and as a lineman on defense for the Huntley Project High School football team in Wordan, Mont.More

New mercy rule for football draws mixed reaction
The Lexington Herald-Ledger
In 2001 the Kentucky High School Athletic Association adopted a mercy rule for football: a running clock any time the point differential is 45 or more in the second half. In 2013, the KHSAA is showing even more mercy. This season the clock keeps ticking when the margin reaches 36 points.More

The secret to teen athletes' success might be their sleep
The Dallas Morning News
When his high school football players struggle to build strength and gain weight with little improvement, Jeff Jordan asks them about their diets and training routines. He also asks: "How many hours of sleep are you getting every night?" Inevitably, he says, kids who aren't getting results aren't getting enough sleep.More

Texas high school football team scores a game-winning touchdown off a squib kick
Bleacher Report
VideoBriefA Texas high school football game had an ending for the ages after one team returned a squib kick for a touchdown as time expired. Copperas Cove (alma mater of Robert Griffin III) and A&M Consolidated scored a combined 44 points in the final 3:39 before Cove took a 41-38 lead in the closing seconds of the game. In an effort to run out the clock, Cove attempted a squib kick before Derrick Dick's touchdown gave A&M Consolidated a 44-41 victory in one of the most exciting high school football finishes in recent memory.More

Base stealing made simple: 3 keys to success
Stealing bases takes skill as well as speed. Even if you're an average runner, you can swipe a few extra bags by following these three base-running fundamentals.

Use a crossover step
The crossover step is a basic move in many sports. When you're stealing bases, it can help you transition from the leadoff position to sprinting more efficiently.More

Should static stretching really be banished from warm-ups?
By Heidi Dawson
Static stretching has received a lot of bad press recently. This is due to a whole range of studies that have demonstrated reductions in strength, power and speed immediately following static stretching. For this reason, trainers and therapists stopped using it as part of a pretraining and competition warm-up routine. Instead, dynamic stretching has become the mainstay of an athlete's preparation.More

New form of fitness takes workout to new heights
VideoBriefTaking traditional exercises off the floor and upping the challenge. It's a new form of fitness that's just arrived in Chicago and will take your workout to new heights. Shama Patel, president, explains, "It is elevated, suspension training program that builds lean muscle, strengthens the core and increases flexibility." It's part ballet, part Pilates and yoga, and a whole lot of core work — all done through a series of suspended poses.More

5 healthy salads that will actually fill you up
Salads filled with dark leafy greens but without fat-laden dressings are rich in nutrients like fiber (for good digestion and lower blood cholesterol) and Vitamin A (for strong bones and good vision). But if they lack the right ingredients, salads can leave you feeling hungry again soon after you eat. To be filling, your salads must have carbohydrates and protein or healthy fats. Athletes need protein to build muscle, and the healthy fats in foods like olive oil and avocados aid satiety to slow down your appetite and keep you from overeating.More