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Sep. 26, 2013

New Jersey takes the trash talking out of high school sports
While many professional athletes trash talk opponents with relish and humor, the state of New Jersey is not laughing and has banned such behavior at the high school level. Under new rules high school athletes in the states can be ejected for taunting opponents as part of an anti-bullying initiative that athletic officials said could serve as a model for other states.More

High school freshman football phenom Dylan Moses commits to LSU
Rivals.com via Yahoo Sports
LSU just picked up their first commitment of the 2017 recruiting class, and while that may seem a wee bit ridiculous, we're not talking about your normal freshman athlete here. This is 6-foot-1, 220-pound, 4.5 running, 33-inch vertical jumping Dylan Moses, who picked up offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA and pretty much anyone who's fielding a major college football team in 2013. And he picked up these offers before the first game of his freshman year.More

What's the hardest high school sport?
The Coloradoan
There is such a thing as the hardest sport. It's not just an opinion. There's an objective reality out there that says, "This sport is the hardest." When it comes to high school sports, which one would qualify? Just like finding objective philosophical truths, the answer is complex.More

Stay pain-free with these advanced stretches
VideoBriefIf you're an athlete or go to the gym regularly, you're bound to experience aches and pains from intense exercise. The last thing you want is a nagging issue late in a race or when you're squeezing out the final rep of a set. Here are three stretches you can perform with a band or strap to target common trouble spots.More

Texas high school shares football knowledge with Mexican football team
Killeen Daily Herald
Copperas Cove pounded visiting Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leo 43-17. The former Mexican national champion Tigres have made repeated trips to Central Texas over the last few years to play against American teams. Despite posting some of the best talent in the country, typically, the Monterrey-based program gets beaten decisively when it travels across the border. In three games this season, the Tigres are winless, getting outscored 105-44. But nobody enjoys losing more than these kids, and that is in no way meant to be insulting.More

7 healthy school lunch ideas to power your workout
When you're rushing to get out the door in the morning, packing a healthy school lunch can be a tall task. You're lucky if you're awake enough to slap some peanut butter on a slice of bread, let alone whip up a balanced meal that you look forward to eating later in the day.More

6 ways to a better high school weight room
Small, grungy spaces with rusty barbells and outdated universal machines no longer cut it for high school weight rooms. State-of-the art weight rooms tend to be mainstream areas that are functional for all sports (and both genders) and include instructive pieces that fit into the physical education curriculum. The best ones give coaches and educators the opportunity to incorporate basic exercise principles (running, jumping, lifting, agility, etc.) into their physical education classes, in addition to facilitating advanced performance techniques for student-athletes.More