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Nov. 28, 2013

Ohio high school athletic officials says steroid testing may be next step
An Ohio statewide conference for athletic directors was bustling with the people who run high school sports programs. And they're concerned about kids using steroids. "I think it's very much on peoples' minds," said Jerry Snodgrass. Snodgrass, an assistant commissioner for the group that regulates high school athletics, uncovered allegations that John Kibler was giving steroids to high school athletes at Big Walnut.More

Keeping high school athletes healthy
The State
Marcus Warren walked off the court and toward his seat on the bench. Warren plopped down and slouched onto a teammate. The frantic yells by his Camden High coach that came next overpowered the cheers, the squeaking shoes and the sound of a basketball bouncing that had been filling the gym. When a trainer tried to get him to sit up, his body slumped forward, and he collapsed onto to the court.More

Varsity News Network aims to be 'ESPN.com for high school sports'
After Varsity News Network was announced as the grand prize winner of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, it may have been a surprise to those of us who aren't familiar with the entrepreneurial scene on the West side of the state. But it turns out VNN, the Web-based platform promoting high school sports, has been quietly gaining traction in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio for the past year. Ryan Vaughn, co-founder and CEO of the Grand Rapids-based VNN, calls the platform "ESPN.com for high school sports."More

Maintaining fast-twitch muscles
The Patriot Ledger
Our muscles are composed of two types of muscle: slow-twitch fibers and fast-twitch fibers. Slow-twitch fibers are smaller in size, and provide the primary force for lower intensity actions such as walking and jogging. Fast-twitch fibers are larger in size, and provide the primary force for higher intensity actions such as sprinting and jumping. To best maintain your fast-twitch fiber size and physical power, you must perform activities that stimulate those muscle fibers.More

Get faster and more nimble with 10 agility ladder drills
Coaches prize athletes who are quick on their feet, because they give the whole team an edge. The ability to spontaneously move fast in multiple directions can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Here are 10 agility ladder drills that combine ladder movements (e.g., hops and jumps) with multidirectional sprinting to enhance lower-body muscular endurance, particularly when required late in games or matches. They also improve vertical and horizontal jumping performance.More