NOBCChE eBrief
Sep. 4, 2013

Free one-day science teachers workshop in Indianapolis
Reserve your spot today at NOBCChE's free one-day professional development workshop for middle and high school science teachers Saturday, Oct. 5 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. More

5 vendor spots remain for NOBCChE career fair
If you have not yet reserved a spot for your organization at the 2013 NOBCChE Career Fair on Oct. 2, now is your last chance! Don't miss out on this opportunity to recruit top students and young professionals. Only five spots remain. More

A few hotel rooms remain for NOBCChE Conference
A limited number of hotel rooms remain for the 2013 NOBCChE Conference Oct. 1-4 in Indianapolis. Contact Tim O'Neill at for details. More

Why so few women and minorities at the top? Here's the real reason
Only 1 percent of the nation’s Fortune 500 CEOs are black. Only 4 percent are women. And not a single one is openly gay. After decades of diversity initiatives and inclusion programs, what's the problem? That was the question Christie Smith of Deloitte Consulting and NYU Law professor Kenji Yoshino asked in their new white paper, Uncovering Talent: A New Model of Inclusion.More

STEM funding in danger, but does anyone care?
The Huffington Post
Under proposed budget changes for the 2014 fiscal year, many STEM educational initiatives may no longer exist. Though overall funding for STEM programs is actually slated to rise by $3 billion, or 6 percent, consolidation of STEM education may leave specific programs out in the cold. The annual $15 million in funding for the Science Education Partnership Awards that are funded by the National Institutes of Health, for example, are not included in the proposed budget changes.More

5 ways to land a job before graduating from college
The Portsmouth Herald
September's here and college seniors everywhere are moving back to campus, catching up with friends and starting classes. And many are also already thinking about what they're going to do when the year's over and it's time to enter the real world. Their biggest worry? Landing a job.More

Conference connects students with disabilities with STEM careers
The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and SAS are teaming up to offer a free conference Oct. 16 for students with disabilities who are considering a career in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.More

Report: The STEM crisis is a myth
IEEE Spectrum
You must have seen the warning a thousand times: Too few young people study scientific or technical subjects, businesses can't find enough workers in those field and the countrys competitive edge is threatened. And yet, alongside such dire projections, you'll also find reports suggesting just the opposite — that there are more STEM workers than suitable jobs. More

Plan your work and work your plan: 3 tips toward effective execution
By Adam C. Wright, Ph.D.
Leading a team and getting the job done is easier said than done. In today's market-driven economy where everything is about the bottom line, executives cannot afford to waste resources on personnel who do not know how to execute. Knowing how to effectively execute your work can mean the difference between landing that promotion you've always dreamed about or finding your way to the end of the unemployment line.More

Is there really a shortage of STEM graduates? If so, why are wages stagnant?
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Hardly a week goes by without another dire prediction about how the shortage of science and math graduates is crippling the U.S. economy. Many leaders, including President Obama, have called for a concerted effort to increase the numbers of students majoring in what are known as the STEM fields, science, technology, engineering and math.More

Diversity in the workplace: Don't hire clones of yourself
Many entrepreneurs try to hire people like themselves. There's a myth that an office of people similar in temperament and character will get along together. In reality, what you get is an army of clones. This means you might end up with an office full of passive aggressive sooks who haven't spoken to each other in years because of a petty disagreement about where to go for lunch. Productivity is non-existent.More