NPA Weekly NewsBrief
Apr. 2, 2013

Gun makers facing new limits urged to relocate
Fox News
Firearms and ammunition manufacturers facing new gun control restrictions in their home states are receiving invitations to flee critics and move to states that have more favorable conditions for gun sales. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper recently signed bills that require background checks for private and online gun sales and ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and ammunition magazines, said on its Facebook page that it would have "no choice" but to leave if the magazine bill was signed, causing an opening for states eager to prove they're more gun-friendly. More

'Pawn Stars' offer valuable business lessons
USA Today
Q: My husband and I like to watch that History Channel show "Pawn Stars". But I can't believe that some people would actually sell their valuables to these guys. Don't they know that you never get a good deal at a pawnshop? — April.
A: I like watching "Pawn Stars" too and am similarly amazed … I think there is plenty to be gained from watching Rick Harrison, his dad Richard, the "old man", his son Corey, Big Hoss, and comic relief Chumlee (Austin Russell) do business. These guys know a thing or two about making a profit, and if you pay close attention, there is plenty to be learned from the highly rated show about how to successfully run a small business. More

Commissioners in North Georgia say no to electronic reporting for pawnshops
Access North Georgia
Hall County Commissioners in Georgia voted down regulations requiring pawnbrokers, second hand dealers and precious metal dealers to use an electronic reporting system. The vote was 4-1, with Chairman Dick Mecum, a former sheriff, arguing that the Sheriff's Department needed the system to combat crime. The Commission heard from several pawnshop owners who said no one contacted them about requiring the system.More

Let it Grow: the boom in licensed fashion watches
Licensed fashion watches appear to be the watch sector du jour, becoming bestsellers in stores as fashion fans generate a buzz on the Web that makes the timepieces must-haves. This article examines how licensed brands are born, why they appeal to consumers and what might be next in this sector of the market. More

Gold rises on China PMI data; flirts with $1,600
Gold firmed, as signs that China's economic recovery was gaining traction could boost demand for commodities, but prices could be capped by worries about the debt crisis in Cyprus and the weakness of the euro versus the U.S. dollar. Tension in the Korean peninsula has yet to trigger a rush in purchases from investors in Asia, but a full-scale conflict between the two Koreas could potentially boost gold's safe-haven appeal in times of uncertainty. More

Will you have to pay more for private gun sales?
Provisions of the New York SAFE Act went into effect two weeks ago. One provision in particular is causing issues for local gun owners who are looking to sell their guns. The provision requires licensed gun dealers to perform background checks for private sales between two people. More

Police: Redding, Calif., pawnshop knowlingly bought stolen goods
A five-week investigation ends in arrest of Redding, Calif., pawnshop employees suspected of receiving stolen property from Target.More

'Hardcore Pawn' returns to TruTV with record-breaking ratings
"Hardcore Pawn" continues to break ratings records at TruTV. Reality series from Zodiak New York returned for its seventh season and drew 3.2 million viewers, making it Tru's biggest season premiere ever. Moreover, "Hardcore" delivered 1.6 million adults 18-49, the largest aud of all time in that key demo for the cabler.More

Council approves pawnshop ordinance in Greenfield, Ind.
Greenfield Daily Reporter-
Starting in July, Greenfield, Ind., pawnbrokers and gold-buyers will be required to log their purchases online or face up to $2,500 in fines for every day they fail to comply with a new city ordinance. The Greenfield City Council approved a measure at its regular meeting requiring business owners who purchase goods from customers to make that data available to law enforcement. More

Regulations stop banks from serving the underbanked, unbanked
Why are more than 34 million Americans underbanked or lack any bank accounts whatsoever, conducting some or all of their financial transactions outside of the mainstream banking system?More

'Hardcore Pawn' experiences 'Frisky Business' on Tru-TV
On a new episode of "Hardcore Pawn" at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the Gold family was recently hit with thievery from within. Now they take measures to secure their business; however, everything has its limits. More

Need some extra cash? Do you want to pawn it or sell it?
Metro WNY
As the economy continues to struggle more and more people are finding out the benefits of a pawnshop to get them through rough times. "If people need money it is easy access to quick cash," said owner of Big Pawn, Tim Heintz. More

20 signs that you're a success in your industry
Small Business Trends
Running a small business can be confusing and the path forward is often unclear. Many small business owners are hanging on the brink of being just successful enough to not go out of business. In otherwords, many are just getting by. If that's the case, should you keep the business open in hopes of future success or just close up shop? More

Pawnshop bill raises concerns in Monroe County, NY
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
A bill to help recover stolen goods from pawnshops could have an adverse affect on antique stores and consignment stores in Monroe County, N.Y. A county legislative committee approved a bill that will require these stores to hold all items for two weeks and enter them into a database that police can access. Legislator Carmen Gumina, R-Webster, sponsored the measure. "It's a useful tool for law enforcement to retrieve stolen goods," he said. More