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National Society of Professional Surveyors - June 2018


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Completing Elevation Certificates?
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* This guide was developed by the collaborative efforts of Carolina Flood Solutions LLC, and Flood Risk Evaluator (F.R.E.™), a division of Smart Vent Products, Inc. An engineer conducted an independent evaluation of each Non-Enginaeered Opening vent included in this guide. Each vent was drawn to scale in AutoCAD® providing a 1/64th of an inch accurate calculation.

The pocket sized Non-Engineered Opening Guide is a great tool to have as it assists in the compliance and measurement documentation of non-engineered flood openings for the elevation certificate when out in the field.

So much useful information all while fitting nicely in your pocket!
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Did You Know...
We are MORE than just flood vents?

Our staff of Certified Floodplain Managers, Engineers, and Insurance
Agents have spent over 20 years studying floodplain design, construction,
insurance and the effects flood waters could have on poorly
protected homes and buildings.

In our brand new company overview video (featured below),
Vice President, Tom Little thoroughly explains the products and services
that we now provide in order to help everyone working and living

within a flood zone increase their flood resiliency.

SV Overview Video
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The Origin of The Flood Risk Evaluator™
In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast leaving thousands with
the need to rebuild or elevate. At the same time, Biggert-Waters was just starting
to be implemented driving the National Flood Insurance Program reform.

This one- two punch led to a complimentary service we call the
Flood Risk Evaluator (F.R.E.). Since its inception, the F.R.E. program has
reviewed over 4,000 elevation certificates and provided reports back to owners
showing mitigation options and over $7.9 million dollars in flood insurance savings.

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Click to view a sample F.R.E. Report Click to view an F.R.E. Case Study on YouTube

Proper Flood Mitigation Saves $$$

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Over time, we've learned that 25% of flood insurance claims come from low-moderate risk areas, and that although many homes may be in complete compliance they are still being improperly rated for their flood insurance. After 15+ years of flood damage prevention and flood insurance risk experience, we have decided to opened an in-house insurance agency, Risk Reduction Plus Group.

Our team of Certified Floodplain Managers and insurance agents utilize our Flood Risk Evaluator (F.R.E.)™ service to provide their expert analysis in order to ensure that all customers are properly rated based on their Elevation Certificate information and assist them with receiving the lowest possible flood insurance premiums.

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