The NYSA News
Jan. 14, 2014

Top 10 mistakes interviewers make
By Mel Kleiman
Recruiting and hiring new employees is both an art and a skill. Unfortunately, too few business owners and hiring managers have ever had any training in the proven, best-practice techniques used by employers-of-choice like Disney and Southwest Airlines. Without training, most interviewers just "wing it" — ad-libbing their way through interviews and making decisions based more on instinct and impressions rather than logic. No wonder costly employee turnover is such a constant headache. Here's a list of the most common mistakes interviewers make.More

Creativity in staffing sales: common myths
The Staffing Stream
Misperceptions about creativity and innovation are common, especially when it comes to their place in staffing. But creativity not only belongs in the sales organizations of all staffing companies – it's often the winning factor in competitive deals. Companies can't compete without being creative when it comes to customer solutions. More

Guerilla warfare in recruiting
Jeff Battinus writes, "Those of us who have been recruiters in the healthcare industry always find challenges competing with the big companies. When I was a more clinically focused recruiter in the home infusion industry, it was very frustrating. Every time I go to campus pharmacy recruiting events, there are always the huge displays from CVS and Target pharmacies, enticing the students with their lavish bobble-heads, squish balls, and overly inflated sign-on bonuses to join the wonderful world of retail pharmacy. All I had was a message of practicing a more advanced level of pharmacological science, and the ability to make admixtures that would directly save someone's life the day you mix it." More

The job market's big chill: What's behind December's bad employment
Buffalo Business First
Friday morning's weak employment numbers were shocking enough to make you choke on your Cheerios — only 74,000 jobs were created in December, the lowest monthly increase in three years. Then, just as you're coming to terms with that disappointment, you find the unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent, the lowest level in more than five years. More

Supportive workplaces: The gift that keeps on giving
By Michael J. Berens
The start of a new year is the time for evaluating performance and deciding who will get the bigger carrot and who will get the bigger stick. Your employees' hearts and minds may be focused on their wallets, but studies show that employee satisfaction and productivity are greatly influenced by their work environment in the long run, perhaps even more so than by their compensation or bonuses. What's more, new research suggests the work environment also affects how employees regard the organization's leadership. More

Human capital is execs' top challenge
Staffing Industry Analysts
Human capital — how best to develop, engage, manage and retain talent — is the leading challenge faced by business leaders, according to The Conference Board's CEO Challenge 2014 survey released today. It was followed by customer relationships, innovation, operational excellence and corporate brand and reputation. More

The No. 1 error that experienced recruiters make
Nancy Parks writes, "In many ways, experience is a good thing. As a recruiter, you probably are used to looking for experienced candidates and even might use someone's experience as the tiebreaker when evaluating prospects and candidates. In your own career, you may have highlighted as a key, competitive advantage. And when I am flying, I like having an experienced pilot." More

Small business hiring at an eight-year high
Albany Business Review
Good news on jobs: Small businesses added more workers in December than in any other month in nearly eight years. That's according to the National Federation of Independent Business' monthly survey of small business owners. NFIB members increased employment by an average of 0.24 workers per firm in December. That's the highest reading since February 2006. More

HR and marketing: connecting for recruitment
The Staffing Stream
One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends impacting the staffing industry is, without a doubt, the increasing confluence of the HR and Marketing functions. For evidence, one need to look no further than the heightened emphasis most companies are placing on their employer brand. And as social media has made it easier than ever for employees to share their experiences in working for their company — whether good or bad — the working environment a company provides has become a crucial aspect of how it is perceived by consumers and potential candidates alike.More

Be careful when using unpaid interns
By D. Albert Brannen
The federal Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division has become much more aggressive in identifying and seeking damages against employers who fail to pay interns for the work they perform. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, covered, nonexempt individuals who are "permitted" to work must be compensated for the services they perform for an employer. Unless an internship in the "for-profit" private sector meets a set of six criteria, the internship will most often be viewed as employment. More