The NYSA News
Jan. 21, 2014

Why company culture is so important
By Erica Cohen
Unless you've spent the last decade or so living under a rock, you've definitely heard the phrase "company culture" being bandied about. And while it's become the center of attention in many discussions about how to build a successful company, I have to wonder if everyone who talks about company culture actually understands what it means and how to create and maintain an authentic one. Let's consider the definition of company or organizational culture and why it matters.More

Inside the millennial mind, from a Gen Y recruiter
There have been many articles written about my generation — the millennials, or Generation Y — and the disconnect we have with employers. We've been called lazy, entitled, and even job-hoppers looking for the next best opportunity.More

Wage growth likely to pick up later this year
Staffing Industry Analysts
Annual wage increases in the U.S. private sector will likely pick up later this year, according to the final fourth-quarter wage trend indicator released by Bloomberg BNA, a publisher of specialized news and information. More

Best practices are not the holy grail
By C. Fredrick Crum
In my travels I have heard many leadership teams tout with great pride that they are using best practices. So when I say, "You are using common practices," they always get a strange and puzzled look on their face. How can you dominate or lead in your market by implementing the same practices and solutions everyone else has adopted as best practices? The answer: You don't. The minute something is labeled as a best practice, it's outdated and in need of innovation. More

Labor markets mixed in advanced economies
Staffing Industry Analysts
Labor markets are mixed across many advanced economies, according to unemployment rates and employment growth data from The Conference Board International Labor Comparisons program for November. More

This tool will help you rethink talent acquisition
Regardless of mission or vision statements, the ultimate goal of any high-performing HR function — and or its "talent fulfillment" group — is to provide the support, resources, and expertise to help their organization acquire, develop, and retain top talent — a responsibility that starts with strategy, focuses on acquisition, and never ends.More

How to deal with toxic employees without negatively affecting everyone else
Buffalo Business First
Sometimes managers avoid dealing with employee performance issues out of a concern that a direct conversation will become confrontational, complex or time consuming. Other managers worry about creating potential legal issues if they don't have a company policy to stand behind. More

Video: Businesswoman tells why she dropped health insurance for her workers
Albany Business Review
Adam Sichko writes, "I spent the morning of Jan. 13 at the New York state Senate, listening to testimony about the state's new online marketplace for buying health insurance. It's called an exchange, and it's a central part of the federal Affordable Care Act (commonly, Obamacare). The law aims to guarantee a minimum set of benefits, at competitive prices, for the individuals and small businesses shopping on the exchange."More