The NYSA News
Feb. 18, 2014

Step aside, millennials — Here comes Generation Z
By Greg Witz
Born from the late 1990s to now, Generation Z is the current generation, and its oldest members are starting to enter the workforce. They are known as "digital natives," and we joke that the "Z" stands for zombies as they are rarely away from their devices. More importantly, they are researching and interacting with our companies long before they will ever buy our products, so being proactive in understanding them is crucial for our companies' future success. Now is the time to be proactive in preparing our organizations for Gen Zers. More

Gov. Cuomo announces that "Work for Success" initiative is providing more employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated
New York State Department of Labor
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced updated placement numbers and other significant accomplishments in connecting formerly incarcerated men and women to jobs since launching the Work For Success program two years ago. The successful pilot program, which has had 1,015 businesses hire a total of 1,646 formerly incarcerated people to date, will now transition to a standard state-wide model for how public safety and employment agencies engage the formerly incarcerated. More

10 fastballs and 1 curveball to ask top candidates
Henry Albrecht writes, "Usually I see someone’s resume a few minutes before the interview starts. In the time (and adrenaline) rush of an interview, it’s easy to make small talk and rehash a resume — but much harder to make a thorough assessment of fit." More

Will lowering the minimum wage raise hiring rates for the long-term unemployed?
Staffing Talk
What is the most important challenge facing America today? Robert Schiller, the Yale University professor awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics, says it’s economic inequality. Others parse that and say it’s solving the record long-term unemployment problem for millions of American workers. And at least one economist is saying lowering the minimum wage – say to $4/hour – is the way to do that. More

New York agency: Raise pay for contract workers
Staffing Industry Analysts
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey asked four airlines to raise wages for contract workers at New York airports, but ultimately plans to require the pay increase in its Port-Airline agreements. One airline has already complied. More

Are smartphones productive tools or distractive devices?
By C. Fredrick Crum
Many businesses provide leaders with smartphones or reimburse employees for their use of their private phones for business use so that productivity is increased. I have always wondered if this practice actually increased productivity or if having the world at your fingertips was a distraction. A group of researchers at Kent State University seems to have provided an answer in a study that has gained international attention.More

Why seniors are on the job and staying there
National Journal
The Great Recession and its aftermath heightened financial insecurity, especially among people of color and in lower-income brackets. But that's not the only reason. More

Gov. Cuomo announces more wage theft cases resolved in 2013 than ever before
New York State Department of Labor
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that more than 6,700 wage theft cases were resolved in New York in 2013, more than in any other year. This resulted in the disbursement of nearly $23 million to more than 12,700 workers who were not paid their proper minimum wage, overtime pay or fringe benefits. This represents an increase of more than 12 percent in the number of closed wage theft cases compared to 2012. More