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Feb. 25, 2014

Video: There's still time to promote the ASA Staffing Employee Survey
The online survey for this important study of U.S. temporary and contract employees closes on Feb. 28. In a video message, ASA president and CEO Richard Wahlquist urges staffing firms to continue promoting survey participation. See the video.More

What it takes to be the boss
By Michael J. Berens
Who wouldn't want to be the boss? You get to call the shots and tell everyone what to do. You get a nice office, an even nicer paycheck and all those perks. What's not to like? It turns out, though, not as many employees as you might think aspire to being the boss. Fewer than 1 in 4, according to a Pew Research Center report. That figure is all the more surprising since bosses express higher levels of job satisfaction than do workers, are as likely to maintain work/life balance and are more satisfied with their home life as well. Are bosses just lucky, or is there something different that sets them apart from their co-workers? More

Staffing firms turn cautious
Staffing firms had a solid 2013 but aren’t so sure about what this year might bring. As a result, many are being conservative about their growth plans, with just about a quarter planning a new office this year compared to nearly half last year. That was one of the big findings in the latest annual survey of more than 1,300 recruiting agency professionals by Bullhorn Inc., a Boston-based recruiting software company. More

Telling better stories to make more sales
Staffing Talk
How good of a storyteller are you? Answer that question, and I’ll tell you how good a sales person you likely are, because stories stories and sales go together. Stories can be your differentiator in a crowded, chaotic, commoditized marketplace. That's because your story is unique. No one else has it. No one else can tell it exactly like you, or replicate it. Stories will help your current or potential clients and customers listen longer, learn faster and buy sooner. More

4 secrets to earning commitment from your millennial employees
Buffalo Business First
Is it any coincidence that the most loved consumer brands are also on millennial employees’ list of favorite places to work? And note that many of the companies that are most-loved consumer brands have sustained economic returns to shareholders that far exceed their peers, too! More

Employee assistance programs offer help to veterans with PTSD
By Joy Burgess
More companies are offering employee assistance programs than ever before. With the growing number of veterans in the workplace, many employers have EAPs in place that offer help to veterans, specifically to those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other mental health problems and reintegration issues. EAPs offer support to these veterans, helping to improve overall veteran productivity while reducing absenteeism and recurring tardiness, common issues for veterans dealing with PTSD. More

IT policies can affect recruiting and retention
Any company that adopts a people-first belief system understands the importance of finding and hiring the right people. We’ve been basically doubling our team every year for the past few years; we are constantly in a hiring state and always on the lookout for really good people. You have to be a company that top talent wants to work at in order to win the war for top talent; this means that we are constantly tweaking our environment and culture to make sure that we stay (at least) one step ahead of our competitors in delivering the kinds of things that employees want. More

ACA: Who should pick up the tab?
The Staffing Stream
Larry David, on his TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm, has a gift for finding humor in awkward situations. One running gag is about Larry having dinner with a friend who always seems to go to the restroom just before the bill arrives at the table. Larry is not sure if he should just pay it or wait for his friend. This scene reminds me of how things have been in the staffing industry over the last year or more regarding the question of who should be responsible for paying the ACA tab. More

Jobless claims in US fell as firings abated
Fewer Americans filed applications for unemployment benefits the week of Feb. 10, a sign employers are holding the line on firings even as cold weather slowed industries from manufacturing to housing. More