The NYSA News
Mar. 4, 2014

Adopt a mindset of measurement to drive recruiting performance
It is never easy to change old methodologies. However, recruiters have a significant opportunity to adopt best practices from another function that was forced to reinvent its core strategies in the face of technology disruption and changing consumer behavior: marketing. More

Training: How to know an employee's learning style
Buffalo Business First
Startup companies today live or die according to how well their emerging leaders can adapt to new skills and technology. Established businesses must also make the shift, requiring their employees to learn new skills fast in order to grow the company and drive profits.More

Is your applicant tracking system hurting as much as it's helping?
Staffing Talk
Everyone — candidates and hiring managers alike — knows why Applicant Tracking Systems exist, and knows they are far from perfect. Do you ever consider the notion they may actually be doing more harm than good? More

'My business's website is my favorite,' said no one ever
By Mark MacDonald
What is your favorite website? What site do you go to over and over again? It's probably not your business's — even if you designed and produced it. And the sobering truth is; that your customers and clients will never say your website is their favorite place to go online either. It will never happen. So should we just give up on creating a good small business website then? No. In fact, on the contrary, let's take a look at America's favorite websites and learn from them. More

3 ways to keep deadbeat employees out of your company
Today, your brand and reputation is built by those who touch your customers — your employees. It is your responsibility to guard the door to your business to allow only those who care about your customers in the way you do, and are committed to the values, beliefs, and mission of the business, to enter — to keep the deadbeats out. More

Ask Alice: 5 simple rules for providing productive feedback
Albany Business Review
Question: I always thought I was pretty good at giving feedback, but lately my employees have been telling me that my comments are vague and confusing. Is there a trick to giving feedback that I am missing? More

Why millennials annoy their elders
Liz Ryan writes, "What is it about millennials that captivates the minds of older folk like me, tantalizing and infuriating them at the same time? You’d think that an older generation had never given way to a younger one before, except that this is the same basic motion that has spared our species from extinction for a million years or more." More

7 steps to hiring great hourly employees
By Mel Kleiman
Most employers don't take a systematic approach to hiring, especially when it comes to hourly employees. They just post an ad on their website or a job board, collect applications, interview a few people and choose one. Unfortunately, this no-system, easy-hire approach is self-defeating. It tells every applicant you just need a body to fill the position. And it's why the person hired will often turn out to have an "it's just a job" attitude because that's the impression the employer gave them. The better approach is to create a system and hire tough. More

Jobless claims average unchanged
Staffing Industry Analysts
The U.S. four-week moving average of initial claims for unemployment insurance in the week ended Feb. 22 was unchanged from the previous week's revised figure of 338,250, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released today by the U.S. Department of Labor. More