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Mar. 17, 2015

Rewriting the job ad
Human Resource Executive Online
New academic research finds that making a few minor changes to the wording of job ads to focus more on the upsides an employer could offer the candidate — as opposed to specific job requirements—may boost the number and quality of real-life job applicants.More

Have we forgotten about the hiring manager?
The Staffing Stream
Hiring managers need help to be better gatekeepers. They determine what the job criteria is and how strictly it will be adhered to while reviewing applicants. Unfortunately, some don’t know how to build a truly attractive job description or set the right pay range. And even when the job description is built correctly, many hiring managers still have difficulty with flexibility and good judgment in reviewing applicants. Recruiters can help.More

State Labor Department releases preliminary January 2015 area unemployment rates
New York State Department of Labor
The state’s private sector job count increased by 150,800 from January 2014 to January 2015. In January 2015, the number of private sector jobs in the state was 7,733,100, an all-time high. The state’s private sector job count is based on a payroll survey of 18,000 New York employers conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.8% in January 2015, its lowest level since September 2008.More

ACA Supreme Court case would impact staffing
Staffing Industry Analysts
The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments March 4 in a case that could bring massive change to the Affordable Care Act and remove penalties in some states for staffing firms, staffing buyers and other employers — albeit with caveats. The case is King v. Burwell. It questions whether workers can get subsidies to buy health insurance in states where the federal government – and not the state – runs the insurance exchange. Challengers point to ACA language where federal subsidies for health coverage are offered through an “Exchange established by the State under section 1311.” It’s an important question for employers because a worker’s receipt of a subsidy is what triggers employer penalties under the ACAMore

Temp work gains popularity with job hunters seeking a better work-life balance, more flexibility
Main St.
According to a new report issued by the job placement company CareerBuilder, companies are planning to go on a temp worker hiring binge with almost half of all firms planning to sign on contract workers this year. This movement is not an outlier, but rather part of an on-going trend that will see the number of people employed as a temp or contract worker increase by 3 percent this year, compared to 2014 -- a 75,000 worker gain. This trend will continue through 2019.More

6 creative e-recruitment ideas to help you attract the top candidates
By Michael Tope
In today's digital age, a comprehensive e-recruitment strategy is a necessity for companies seeking to attract top talent. As baby boomers gradually retire from the workforce and tech-savvy millennials take their place, recruiters must utilize competitive online recruitment techniques that reach beyond major job boards. At a time when nearly every organization has an online presence and most job searches begin on the Internet, companies must think outside the box and stay on top of the latest technology trends in order to gain an edge in the talent wars. More

Using workforce data: 6 habits of highly successful employers
The Hiring Site
What do companies like Google, REI, Facebook and Southwest do to land on "Best Places to Work" lists so consistently? While you may think it's the brand recognition or the attention-grabbing perks (such as nap pods or free snacks), the answer is actually much more practical: They understand the importance of workforce data.More

Dealing with the guilt that comes with firing an employee
Firing someone is usually a terrible feeling. However, as hard as firing someone is, it's also critically important to your job as a manager. Having the right people on your team makes an enormous difference in how effective you are and how much you achieve. And so holding a high bar and expecting people to meet it, warning them when they're falling short, and taking action when that doesn't change anything are some of your most basic and crucial responsibilities as a manager.More