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Mar. 19, 2013

Why the world needs recruiters
The Fordyce Letter
Recruitment is innovating and evolving in order to adapt to the modern world. Those who predict its death alongside other ancient business models that are unfit for purpose in the digital age have fundamentally missed the point. The ability to attract, extract and deliver talent is — and always will be — a high-touch service which will continue to put recruiters at the very epicenter of the corporate future. For recruiters and recruitment companies who provide a genuine service the future is very bright.More

10 highest-paying temp jobs
The Street
This year, 40 percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers, compared to 36 percent last year, according to an annual forecast by CareerBuilder. Many temp jobs are well-paying, providing wages that top $25 an hour. Using data from CareerBuilder, Economic Modeling Specialists and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AOL Jobs has compiled a list of the highest-paying temp jobs, pulled from more than 90 national and state employment resources.More

Top tips for turning a cold client into a warm client
Conventional recruitment approaches state that warm client leads are better than cold ones. And as a result, many recruiters will focus their time and energy on those 'warm' lists and avoid the cold ones as far as possible! However, this maxim may not be entirely true.More

Lawsuits feared from new unemployment law
Crain's New York Business
Some business observers said legislation barring employers from discriminating against unemployed job applicants could hurt hiring — and the very folks the city council was hoping to protect.More

Bachelor's degree in staffing: A look into the future
Staffing Talk
The path to becoming a recruiter is often not straightforward. It zigs and zags, taking detours into sales and customer service before it emerges happily into the previously unknown Land of Staffing. The career lacks visibility — and the kind of nudge that only a career counselor can provide. But what if the seed were planted even earlier? What if students attended college to become recruiters?More

Social media and recruiting: Top channels and trends for 2013
Among recruiting and staffing professionals, increased access to passive job candidates via social media presents the biggest opportunity for recruiting in 2013, according to a survey from Bullhorn. Among the recruiters surveyed, nearly all (98 percent) say they used social media for recruiting in 2012, up from the 94 percent who did so in 2011.More

Law school grads find temp legal jobs in tough market
U.S. News & World Report
Harnessing technology and cheaper domestic and foreign lawyers, legal process outsourcing firms have become a rising force as law firm clients and corporations have begun demanding a break from pricey billable hours.More

US hiring plans steady in second quarter
Hiring decision makers continue to take a measured but optimistic approach to hiring plans for the second quarter of 2013, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey from ManpowerGroup. According to the seasonally adjusted survey results, the Net Employment Outlook for 2Q 2013 is +11 percent, a 1 percentage point decrease from Q 1 2013 and slightly elevated from +10 percent during the same period last year.More