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Mar. 26, 2013

Proposal would exclude staffing firms from H-1B visas
Staffing Industry Analysts
New legislation prepared by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, could prohibit staffing firms from bringing in H-1B visa holders. Grassley announced that he plans to introduce the legislation in an effort to prevent fraud and abuse of the H-1B visa program. In a summary of the bill on Grassley's website, one of the proposed legislation's provisions "prohibits companies from outsourcing visa holders to other companies."More

Source of hire report: Referrals, career sites, job boards dominate
CareerXroads has released its annual source-of-hire report. For external hires, referrals were nearly overtaken as the top source of external hire, accounting for 24.5 percent of hires. Career sites made up 23.4 percent with job boards lagging behind at 18.1 percent. Social media, a source that CareerXroads just started tracking in 2011, dropped from 3.5 to 2.9 percent. Direct sourcing also dropped significantly from 9.1 percent to 6.8 percent in 2012.More

No fee, no margin staffing agency
Staffing Talk
"If we keep basing this business on margins and fees, you're not going to get the innovation you want to. So I decided to change the revenue model completely...I'm destroying margins and fees forever." That statement was made by Steve Hutson, co-founder of Superstars, a London-based staffing company that's trying to change the staffing model.More

Time to re-evaluate your recruiting strategy?
Recruiting Trends
New research from international recruitment consultancy Michael Page finds a solid recruitment and talent acquisition strategy is top priority for North American HR Leaders for 2013. While compensation and benefits rank second, the study shows what many other reports have in the past year: The search for good candidates remains and is growing more difficult.More

Temporary staffing requests for PAs, NPs, on the rise
Becker's Hospital Review
The demand for temporary physician assistants and nurse practitioners is growing rapidly, according to a survey by Staff Care, a national temporary health care staffing firm. The survey indicates that requests for temporary physician assistants and nurse practitioners grew from less than 2 percent in 2010 to 10 percent of all requests in 2012.More

Hires' remorse
Human Resource Executive Online
A recent survey from Pittsburgh-based management consulting firm Development Dimensions International finds half of 2,000 new hires expressing "buyer's remorse" after accepting a recent job offer. They aren't the only ones feeling pangs of regret, however. The same DDI survey also polled 250 staffing directors, who, on average, said they consider nearly 14 percent of their new hires in the last year to be mistakes.More

40 percent of Americans will be freelancers by 2020
Business Insider
It's the entrepreneur-age and everyone wants to work for themselves or have enough flexibility in their schedules that it feels as though they're working for themselves. By 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers, according to a study conducted by software company Intuit.More

Report wants more rules in wake of travel health care case
Staffing Industry Analysts
A new report calls for increased rules for health care staffing firms and others in the wake of the arrest of David Kwiatkowski, an allied health care traveler suspected of transmitting hepatitis C infections to patients.More